New High Speed Automated Router Streamlines Production for Leading Aircraft Interior Specialist

MGR Foamtex, manufacturer of Softwall® aircraft seat decorative panels, has just installed a new high speed CNC router/cutter as part of their ongoing product development programme.

Maldon, Essex, United Kingdom, March 14, 2015 --( MGR Foamtex’s materials development manager Bill Jackson said, "We have developed new high-tech DAX foam materials, that not only meet higher safety specifications required in modern aircraft, but give designers and airlines many more options for aesthetic and acoustic enhancement. To machine these foams to the high tolerances required needs a router that operates accurately and at very high spindle speeds, so we needed to upgrade our machines to ensure the finished panels are of the highest quality expected by the world’s major airlines."

The Mastercut Versa-Tech machine, supplied by British manufacturer Blackman and White, has a 2.5 KW water cooled router which is capable of running at 60,000 rpm for prolonged periods. This ensures a very clean cut without causing material break up. This together with the high degree of accuracy means the new router produces a high quality product, but it can now also machine complex surface patterns. This is especially important in providing contours and recesses in the panels to ensure that they fit the seat structure exactly and the finished seats not only look good but also ensure the highest comfort levels.

The Versa-Tech has a multi-tool head so the same machine can incorporate a knife for accurate cutting of fabrics as well as a router for foam materials, which means a smaller shop floor footprint and eliminates the need for having a separate machine for each function.

The router/cutter comes with intuitive tailored software which has an added bonus as it can automatically nest patterns which not only saves set-up time, but ensures optimum material utilisation and reduces material wastage.

Jackson said that “as the Versa-Tech can also be used as a CNC high speed cutter MGRFoamtex plan to incorporate this machine in the manufacture of seat covers as well as Softwall® which will dramatically speed up the whole production process.”

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