Sunburst Introduces Trout Jerky, Spotlights Trout Caviar New Leadership, New Products for a New Year

As the third generation steps in to take over their #familygrown farm in North Carolina, the Eason Family proudly introduces a new product to its line-up of 100% natural and sustainable trout products- Sunburst Farms Trout Jerky – and reintroduces their elegant, affordable Trout Caviar.

Canton, NC, March 17, 2015 --( Sunburst Trout Farms introduces trout jerky by the name of Jennings Jerky, and focuses new attention on trout caviar. The trout jerky is the result of Sunburst’s time-honored practice of utilizing every bit of the trout they raise in their pristine raceways in Canton, NC. The caviar came about for similar reasons, however, it became popular during the rise of the sustainable seafood movement in the mid-2000s as a symbol of best practices in the caviar industry. Both of these fine products are completely natural, sustainable and delicious, and they will be on display at major food industry trade shows this year, including the Seafood Expo North America (Boston March 15-17), National Restaurant Association Show (Chicago May 16-19), Atlanta Food & Wine Festival (Atlanta May 28-31), and the Summer Fancy Food Show (New York June 28-30).

The trout jerky was developed to use the sweetest trout meat closest to the bone, as well as meet a growing market for jerky. According to an article in Nasdaq news January 29, 2015, the overall meat snacks category is growing at a double-digit pace with a compounded annual growth rate of about 10% from 2010-2014. Director of Sales Wes Eason says, “The jerky market is exploding! We knew right away that we could create a recipe with the right seasoning, spice and smoke to compliment the delicate flavor of our trout and create a snack that would be portable, delicious, and just elegant enough to go anywhere.”

Sunburst Trout Farm’s trout caviar has been captivating palates since the sustainable seafood revolution set in. Food & Wine magazine highlighted roe from [Sunburst] rainbow trout as a “bright and briny freshwater version of caviar” and a good alternative to Caspian osetra caviar. (Dec 2003) Today, chefs find the flavor alluring too. Ashley Christensen, Chef and Owner A-C Restaurants in Raliegh, NC, and 2014 James Beard winner for BEST Chef Southeast, says, “Sunburst caviar is one of my favorite ingredients to cook with. It adds beautiful salinity and a signature texture to anything you add it to.” Chef Sean Brock of Charleston’s The Neighborhood Dining Group says, "Sunburst Rainbow Trout Caviar is a true taste of the South. Husk wouldn't be the same without this amazing caviar at our fingertips."

Sunburst Trout Farms is an artisanal, third generation company located in Haywood County, North Carolina. Sunburst is focused on sustainability, from the animal husbandry and feed, to day-to-day operational protocols such as 100% utilization of product and composting. They never use hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products in the feed. The farm produces more than a dozen very fine trout products, from fresh and smoked filets to value-added products such as trout dip and caviar. Find Sunburst Trout Farms at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. See Sunburst's range of products at
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