The You★BETTER★Exactly! Summit: 18 Top Biz Experts, 18 Free Gifts ... All Together in One Place ... All Totally Free

The You★BETTER★Exactly! Summit features 18 top biz experts giving away free tools to empower you to build a better, more profitable business and lead a more fulfilling life. April 6-18, 2015. Register for free at

Fresno, CA, March 16, 2015 --( The Spring 2015 You★BETTER★Exactly! Summit — happening April 6-18, 2015 and hosted by Michele Peterson of Exactly Write Copywriting — showcases 18 premier experts devoted to giving attendees the tools, strategies, and the personal power they need to build a better business and lead a better life.

These are top experts in sales, marketing, finance, lifestyle, and productivity. And they’re ready to help summit attendees blast over whatever plateau they may currently be facing and conquer whatever is holding them back. Take a look …

Event Experts and The Free Resources They’re Giving Attendees

· Sally Hogshead — How To Fascinate: Complimentary Fascination Advantage Assessment
· Alexzandra de la Iglesia — How to Get More Customers and Grow Your Business
· Jana Martin — The Automated Launch: Tips & Techniques to Launching Your Info Product (Almost Hands Free)
· Christine Hueber — Top 10 LinkedIn Success Secrets
· Loree Van Bebber — What Would Your Business do with an Extra $5,000 to $50,000?
· Mary Swarts — Mastering Relationship Marketing: One Hour Coaching Session PLUS 90-Day Free Trial of the SOC Marketing System
· Dale Bierce — Your Key to Immediate Sales Improvement: white paper plus a complimentary pass to an upcoming event
· Reem Darwish — Dealing with Difficult Customers: white paper plus a complimentary pass to an upcoming event
· Beth Bridges — Free Chapter from Amazon top-selling book "Networking on Purpose: A Five-Part Success Plan to Build a Powerful and Profitable Business Network"
· Sara Sordi — 10 Surprisingly Simple Tips to Prevent Home Break-ins
· Kim Wasson — The 4 Dial Solution: How to Keep the Big Picture in the Details
· Karen Gray — Stop. Challenge. Choose. 3 Steps Towards Creating Optimal Health
· Paula Allen — 10 Tips to Protect Your Brand and Your Business from Social Media Mayhem
· Andrew Schantz — Social Security Optimization Estimator
· Steven Campos — 19 Myths, Mistruths and Deceptions of Merchant Credit Card Processing Exposed
· Audrey Godwin — Business Tax Blueprint – How to Remove the IRS as Your Silent Business Partner
· Ilise Benun — The Marketing Mentor Weekly Marketing Checklist
· Elissa Wolf — Money Ball Wolf Recruiting Style: Bringing Your a Game & Building Your Dream Team
· Bonus: Michele Peterson — Sizzling Hot Magnetism: How to Consistently Attract Ultra-Qualified Prospects Online and Never Again Have to Rely on Cold Calling

“The positive response from all the experts who are participating in the event was overwhelming,” says Michele Peterson, Direct Response Marketing Consultant/Copywriter and organizer of the event. “We all are kindred spirits with a mission of helping entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed. I’m humbled by how incredibly generous everyone is being with their knowledge and expertise … the free gifts being offered are amazing!”

How to Attend

Register for free at By registering for admission to this virtual event, attendees have access to as many of the experts’ free gifts as they want to claim … they can download ALL of them if they so desire.

There’s absolutely no cost or obligation.

To recap, the Spring 2015 You★BETTER★Exactly! Summit …
· April 6-18, 2015
· Open to anyone, but specifically helpful for entrepreneurs and small business owners/marketers;
· 18 top experts in the areas of sales, marketing, finance, productivity, and lifestyle;
· 18 free gifts from the event experts, including downloadable books, videos, webinars, resource guides, special reports, white papers, and more;

“Better is defined as ‘greater than half … improved in health or mental attitude … more attractive, favorable, or commendable … more effective … improved in performance’ … Better. That’s what I want for our attendees,” says Peterson.
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Michele Peterson