"America's Elder Boomers" Just Published 3/2015 and Available Now on Amazon/Kindle, Authored by Dr Joseph S. Maresca, Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer

This ebook describes unique ways for the elder boomers to retire in style by taking advantage of the accoutrements of a middle class accumulation of wealth, telecommuting for seniors, the revolution in modern medicine, recreation opportunities, newly available micro-apartments, manufactured housing and household budget tips to save thousands of dollars.

Bronxville, NY, March 16, 2015 --(PR.com)-- "America's Elder Boomers" by Dr. Joseph S. Maresca is about the increasingly grown up population of baby boomers born after World War 2 and retiring right now.Save thousands of dollars on everything from housing to health care and recreation.

Find out how to maximize your use of government programs like The Hill Burton Act to get free or low cost medical,dental and even nursing home care.Discover how to maintain good health/wellness and possibly live to 100 or more.

Dr Joseph S Maresca is an Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer with 1880+ reviews and over 12,700 affirmative votes from readers. To date, the author has written 26 ebooks on Amazon/Kindle. The author's 26 ebooks include titles like: Strengthening The Hospital Infrastructure, The Kibbutz Alternative For Workers (Community Run Businesses), Frederick Douglass Speaks Across The Centuries (Personal friend of President Lincoln), Pre-Kindergarten Gold, Ebola-The Dangers v. The Medical Response, Amazon Selling Tips For Beginners et al., Defy Death Now (Live To Die Another Day), How To Plan For a Blizzard, Adam Smith Fast Forwarded To The Twenty First Century, Good Governance, Remedies For Income Inequality, The Thriving Middle Class In America, How Prosperity Returns, Consumption, Savings and the Public Debt-A Series of Essays, Village Pillars (Outstanding members of the community), Potzilla's Millions-The Reality v. The Hype (Pot legalization Issues), Free or Reduced Costs Under The Hill Burton Program, The Solar Energy Potential For Desalination Plants, Immortality Commons (Living over 100 years of age), College Vibrations (How to really graduate college) and more.
Dr. Joseph S Maresca
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