Employee Benefits That Actually Pay

A new take on an existing process, employee supplemental life and health policies via Silver Lining Benefits that can increase the company's profits while also providing great life and health benefits and no out of pocket expenses for the employee.

Houston, TX, March 17, 2015 --(PR.com)-- There is a sweeping paradigm shift occurring with employee benefits, specifically supplemental life and health policies for America’s hard working employees and their companies. “What once was either the employer paid for the insurance or the employee went out of pocket, we are seeing the prototype of a new age of benefits with the help of companies like mine,” relayed Barry Braganza of Silver Lining Benefits.

Washingtontimes.com published a report by HealthPocket stating since ACA (Obamacare) healthcare premiums have risen as much as 78% for some groups. Not to mention the 49 new taxes added in 2014 alone because of Obamacare. Projections are not for these numbers to come down at all, either. Is there anything to help companies and employees offset this? Silver Lining Benefits think so.

The new insurance product Silver Lining Benefits is offering is a new twist on an old idea enabling absolute company savings without touching existing plans hits the mark for CEOs, HR Directors and other decision makers alike. “Unions have been doing this since the 1950s,” added Braganza. More importantly, Braganza stated the employee is now able to get supplemental life and health policies to help them and their dependents they otherwise couldn’t afford. Policies such as Whole Life Insurance, Disability, Critical Illness, Dental and even GAP Plans to handle high deductibles are available without the company or the employee going out of pocket to pay for it. Companies have been craving for this and we can deliver.

According to Braganza, adoption of this product is quicker than expected ranging from small companies to municipalities to large enterprise businesses wanting it yesterday. “This is truly a Win/Win for companies and employees alike and the sooner we speak with these companies the sooner the benefits begin. And they begin in month 1. I mean, the company’s profits increase and the employee doesn’t go out of pocket. It really can’t get much better, can it?”

Silver Lining Benefits is an employee benefit company providing expert solutions for companies 10 employees to 10,000+. Diverse backgrounds and experiences give Silver Lining an edge with understanding and creative thinking. If you or your company are thinking about supplemental insurance, think Silver Lining. To learn more please contact Barry Braganza or one of his colleagues at Silver Lining Benefits today.
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