MedAware Systems, Inc. Develops the First Standardized Index for Cognitive Assessment

Broomfield, CO, March 20, 2015 --( MedAware Systems, Inc., a company focused on the aggregation and analysis of biomedical research data for physicians and patients announced today that it has completed development of a comprehensive standardized index that provides the ability to compare outcome measures from medical research studies that employ widely varying cognitive measurement scales, such as the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) and the Alzheimer's Disease Assessment Scale-Cognition (ADAS-cog). In total nearly two hundred such scales are found in the research literature.

The significance of this new standardized index, called the MedAware Standardized Cognitive Index (MSCI) is that physicians and patients have the ability to compare and understand the potential efficacy of various treatments for dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. Prior to this, interpretation of medical research results found in thousands of studies required significant statistical expertise, time, and effort.

The Company recognized that it is virtually impossible for physicians and their patients to keep current with respect to comprehensive evidence-based information on treatments and outcomes due to the sheer volume of published research data and the variety and complexity of how that data is obtained and reported. The MSCI is a major step in solving this problem in the area of dementia.

“The MSCI is a major step forward in executing our vision to aggregate and standardize all medical research data,” says Dr. Zung Vu Tran, Founder and Chief Science Officer. “Our goal is to make research data on evidence-based treatments and outcomes widely accessible, and more easily and quickly understood. With the MSCI both healthcare providers and their patients have the ability to stay completely current in the field of dementia research in a matter of minutes. This kind of in-depth information will significantly facilitate the dialogue between patient and provider as it relates to evidence-based treatment options” he adds.

About MedAware Systems Inc.
MedAware Systems Inc. is developing the world’s first database of all available medical research information where data have been extracted, normalized and standardized to provide fast and highly accurate search and retrieval of evidence-based treatments and outcomes. With data precisely filtered by patient profile and disease, this subscription service will eliminate today’s cumbersome, time-consuming, and highly inaccurate keyword searches. The service also offers instant meta-analysis of data across numerous studies, providing users information from tens, hundreds, or thousands of studies in minutes.
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