Detroit Style Pizza Co. Introduces “THE” Detroit Style Pizza Pan

Detroit Style Pizza Co. unveils new and improved pan designed to yield an authentic Detroit Style Pizza bake, eliminate common pizza-baking problems and provide a reliable supply of premium-quality pans.

Detroit, MI, March 21, 2015 --( Detroit Style Pizza Co. today introduced “THE” Detroit Style Pizza Pan, a new and improved pan designed to yield an authentic Detroit Style Pizza bake that rivals the performance of blue steel pans and eliminates common problems associated with baking Authentic Detroit Style Pizza. Detroit Style Pizza Co. has partnered with LloydPans to provide a reliable supply of premium Detroit Style Pizza pans to pizzerias worldwide. THE Detroit Style Pizza Pans are available at

THE Detroit Style Pizza Pan provides the same quality bake that defines Detroit Style Pizza: crispy on the outside, soft and airy on the inside, edge-to-edge cheese that caramelizes around the crust and the style’s signature square shape. In addition, the pan introduces significant improvements including:

- Aluminum construction that will not rust, pit, or flake; the pan is rugged, durable and will last many years
- LloydPans’ proprietary Pre-Seasoned Tuff-Kote (PSTK) finish that makes the pan safe to use with metal utensils – no scratching or chipping
- High-performance easy-release coating that produces the same caramelized cheese bake
- No need to season, saving time and money; plus no need for the heavy ventilation required during the smoky seasoning process
- Design matching the same measurements as the original blue steel pans
- Reliable supply through Detroit Style Pizza Co.

Detroit Style Pizza Co. President and World Champion Pizza Maker Shawn Randazzo decided to partner with LloydPans after the company’s former supplier ceased production amid quality concerns.

“Getting the pan right is absolutely critical to baking Authentic Detroit Style Pizza, so we tested dozens of pans from multiple manufacturers. We worked with other successful Detroit Style Pizza Makers to form a consensus on which pan was the absolute best, and LloydPans’ version came out on top by a mile,” said Randazzo. “Now, Detroit Style Pizza Makers the world over never again have to worry about a supply shortage or poor quality pans. I’m confident saying if you want to bake Authentic Detroit Style Pizza, this is the pan you need.”

LloydPans offered a premium-quality pan prior to partnering with Detroit Style Pizza Co., and worked with Randazzo to write a new chapter in the storied pan’s history by revising the pan to be more efficient for Detroit Style Pizza chefs; updates included a thicker-gauge metal and a trimmed lip on stamped pans that works perfectly with Detroit Style Pizza Co.’s pan grippers.

"Word reached us that Shawn Randazzo - whom we knew to be a widely-respected leader in the world of Detroit Style Pizza - was looking for pans. Admittedly, we were somewhat surprised since we knew he already carried a line of pans. Nonetheless, we contacted him with an offer to take our pans for a 'test drive.' Because Shawn discovered what we delivered in terms of consistent results and responsiveness, he made LloydPans his choice for Detroit Style Pizza Pans, and we couldn't be happier,” said LloydPans Account Manager Evelyn Ainley. "Our proprietary Pre-Seasoned Tuff-Kote finish is unique in the industry in that it's both metal utensil-safe and permanent. No chipping, no flaking, no peeling, no kidding. Our customers love the fact that they're no longer stuck with the smoky, smelly and time-consuming seasoning process, because we've done the work for them."

THE Detroit Style Pizza Pan rivals the performance of the blue steel automotive parts trays that Gus Guerra used to make his first pizzas when he introduced the style to offer an alternative to the fish ‘n chips everyone else was selling to returning World War II veterans, who longed for the European tastes they enjoyed overseas. The pan provides the same bake as the original but eliminates issues with rusting, chipping, flaking, sticking and the need to undergo a time-consuming and resource-intensive seasoning process.

Detroit Style Pizza Co. offers two versions of the new pan:

- Welded aluminum with stick-resistant, easy-release, scratch-free PSTK coating
- Stamped aluminum with PSTK coating

“THE” Detroit Style Pizza Pan is available in two standard sizes, 8 in. by 10 in. and 10 in. by 14 in., with prices ranging from $15 to $35. A larger 12 in. by 17 in. pan is available upon request, and Detroit Style Pizza Co. offers reduced pricing on bulk orders of more than 20 pans. The company is also offering an introductory discount to encourage pizzerias to try the new pan.

For more information about Detroit Style Pizza, visit

For more information about Detroit Style Pizza Co., visit

Detroit Style Pizza Co. serves the award-winning Authentic Detroit Style Pizza in its two Metro Detroit locations and increases awareness of Detroit style pizza through expansion, education, and sharing its history while providing memories and opportunities for others. Owned and operated by Shawn Randazzo and his mother, Linda Michaels, Detroit Style Pizza Co. is located in St. Clair Shores (586-445-2810) and Roseville (586-439-0575); and delivers Detroit style pizzas coast-to-coast via mail order. Focused on quality, community and people, Detroit Style Pizza Co. is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. weekdays; 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday; and 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday.
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