Joe Neilson Keynote Speaker at Diversified Real Estate Investors Group Meeting

Boothwyn, PA, March 21, 2015 --( Joe Neilson, The Real Estate Professor will be the keynote speaker at the Diversified Real Estate Investors Group Meeting on March 26, 2015 at 6:30 pm. For those that are interested in attending DIG has recently changed their location to Williamson Banquet Center at 500 Blair Mill Road, Horsham , PA. Joe will be sharing his insights on how he financed 40 rental houses using none of his own money and why only 3 of every 100 real estate investors becomes wealthy...and how you can be one of the 3.

Joe has other speaker engagements booked for 2015 both in person, podcasts and on the radio. For those that are interested in attending you can contact him through the website therealestateprofessorbaby. There you can sign up for the newsletter and view his latest videos. You can find Joe in all the usual places, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.

About The Real Estate Professor:

Joe Neilson is an author, educational speaker, entrepreneur and landlord based outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 2005, Joe was 61 years old, without a job or pension and social security was still 5 years away. Joe needed steady monthly income. Joe poured his heart, sweat and blood into the corporate world and refused to go back to climbing the 30 year corporate ladder. He didn't have time for that.

So Joe started investing in rental houses and it was the best decision Joe ever made. 8 years later Joe has 77 houses earning $27,000 a month in profit and has 4 million in equity that he operates under Delco Home Rentals, Inc. located in Boothwyn, Pennsylvania. After purchasing the houses and producing remarkable cash flow Joe shares his experiences to success along with his mistakes and failures and how he did it. He demonstrates a proven system in his book "Buy& Rent Foreclosures" to build cash flow and wealth.

As a graduate of William and Mary University Joe has used his education to teach for many years and proves to be a dynamic speaker. Joe understands the reality of teaching and the need to communicate precise information and provide real numbers with real talk. Joe provides real information about how to purchase, finance, renovate and rent properties in order to generate positive monthly cash flow.
The Real Estate Professor Baby
Joe Neilson