Homers.in Announces Home Verification Services for Home Owners Intending to Sell Their Property

Gurgaon, India, March 23, 2015 --(PR.com)-- India’s pioneering real estate portal, Homers.in, has garnered tremendous appreciation from the property market in a short span of time. The Gurgaon-based portal’s facilities of directly linking home owners with home seekers and providing all-inclusive services have been particularly ground-breaking.

Now, Homers.in has another ace up its sleeve in the form of special home verification services for home owners to facilitate sale of their properties. Under this scheme, professional and experienced realty experts will individually visit homes, document all their characteristics, capture relevant photographs, and legally validate all properties.

Says Mr. VineetPathania of Homers.in: "These home verification services are in line with our constant endeavor to offer specialized solutions to our customers, in this case home owners.This scheme will considerably hasten property sale, reduce proprietors’ time and efforts, and provide them access to expert evaluation. We are very sanguine about the scheme’s success."

Utilizing the home verification services is a simple and quick process. Prospective home owners firstly need to contact the company - achieved easily by email, telephone, or through an online form available on the company’s web site. Upon providing the address, property type, and other relevant details, the customer service team of Homers.in will get back to the owners within 48 hours with a confirmed appointment.

On the scheduled days, the home owners will be visited by established and qualified property experts. The property experts will thoroughly inspect each property and note its traits such as its location, its overall size, the number of bedrooms, the sturdiness of its edifice, the furnishing level, and the effectiveness of its fittings. These checks and appraisals will assist the experts in assessing the value of the properties and help expedite their final validation.

Comprehensive documentation is also a key component of home verification. The property experts will work with the home owners to collect and maintain all pertinent records such as master plans, registration certificates, government clearances, water bills, and electricity reports.

Photographing individual properties is also an integral part of the home verification process. In this regard, the experts will take images of the entire building and its rooms as well as pictures of the neighborhood and surrounding areas. These images, captured both offline and online, will serve as lawful evidence and facilitate negotiations with home seekers.

The final stage of home verification comprises the formal certification of the properties. The realty experts - after taking into account all the aforementioned points - will issue a written and signed certificate attesting that the said dwellings are fit for sale. The properties can then be forwarded to Homers.in for online listing, buyer feedback, and inevitable sale.

“The best part of our home verification scheme is that it is paves the way for heightened owner-buyer interaction without the scourge of middlemen and brokerage. It’s truly a win-win situation for all,” concludes Mr. Pathania.
Tarun Choudhary
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