Biscuits and Cookies Industry in India, 2015-2019

Navi Mumbai, India, March 23, 2015 --( Market Reports on India presents the report on "Biscuits and Cookies Industry in India, 2015-2019" industry attractiveness, and Porter’s analysis. The report covers fiscal years 2015 through 2019.

Summary :

ValueNotes presents a research report on the biscuits and cookies industry in India. This industry report covers intelligence on the market size, growth, industry trends, industry attractiveness, and Porter’s analysis. The report covers fiscal years 2015 through 2019. India is the world’s largest biscuit consuming nation. And this is evident from the fact that biscuits and cookies is the largest (~72%) segment in the bakery industry in the country.

Key Findings:

• The biscuits and cookies industry in India, valued at INR 145bn (~USD 2.41bn) in FY 2014, has been growing at a CAGR of ~10% over the last three years. ValueNotes estimates that the industry will be worth nearly INR 279bn (~USD 4.65mn) by FY 2019, growing at a CAGR of ~14%.
• Growth of this segment is expected to slow down as manufacturers are offering discounts to push volume sales, which in turn has slowed down the value growth of the industry
• The share of glucose biscuits is expected to decline as they have reached a point of saturation. With rising incomes, consumers are being lured towards cream biscuits and cookies instead of glucose biscuits.
• Share of premium biscuits is likely to increase by FY 2019 as manufacturers are now aggressively entering the premium segment on account of higher margins prevalent in the segment
• Increase in disposable income, changing lifestyles, growth in organized retail and increasing consumption of processed and packaged food are the main drivers of the industry
• Latest trends witnessed in the industry reveal that companies are engaged in improving product packaging
• Also, concerns like growing media coverage of health, rising incidence of health conditions, increasing concerns over physical appearance, changing lifestyles, and soaring costs of healthcare have led the biscuits and cookies market to move towards a healthier path

The report includes profiles of the top-5 players with a brief overview about their service offerings, key financial ratios, expansion strategies, etc.

Table of Content:

Executive Summary

1 Industry Structure
1.1 Bakery Industry Structure
1.2 Evolution of Biscuits and Cookies Industry in India
1.3 Biscuit Industry Definition
1.4 Biscuit Industry Supply Chain

2 Market Overview
2.1 Market Size and Growth – Value
2.3 Biscuit Consumption – India V/S World
2.4 Biscuit Industry Segmentation by Urban-Rural
2.5 Biscuit Industry Segmentation by Type
2.6 Price Analysis
2.7 Geographic Analysis

3 Drivers and Inhibitors
3.1 Driver 1: Increase in Disposable Income
3.2 Driver 2: Availability of Different Pack Sizes
3.3 Driver 3: Growth in Organized Retail
3.4 Driver 4: Growth in Processed Food Industry
3.5 Inhibitor 1: Increasing Tax Incidence
3.6 Inhibitor 2: Distribution problems in Rural India

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