Sold by Isaac Lagnado for Record Price

New York, NY, March 23, 2015 --( president Isaac/Ike Lagnado is pleased to announce the sale of, a domain, or “digital real estate” he has owned since 1997., based in New York City, was sold for what is thought to be a record six-figure price for a fashion–oriented domain.

Lagnado, a veteran retailer and consultant had registered the domain in 1997, 18 years ago. He exclusively devoted his attention to its development several years ago. The strategy of his group was to use Luxe as an umbrella for selling designer accessories and footwear at off-price and, to that effect, had acquired a substantial inventory of new, authentic, first-quality “classic” merchandise from Gucci; Salvatore Ferragamo; Prada; Chanel; Bottega Veneta; Dolce & Gabbana; Tods; and other luxury providers.

Prestigious, 4-letter ".com" domain names are known to be extremely rare and always in demand.

The word “luxe” once an exotic French word, has penetrated current usage as a noun; adjective and even a verb to the point that a recent Google search elicited almost one-quarter billion hits. Lagnado stated: "The luxe adjective has now become shorthand for an aspirational lifestyle and is attached to every product or service: from autos, handbags to cruises and apartment buildings.” He continued: “The ownership of a domain like confers intant prestige branding legitimacy to its owner, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future."

“The nomenclature of Luxe had come to my attention as a result of our consulting work on the Luxury market,” Lagnado added. “Tactical had done some of the earliest research on quantifying the size, reach, demographics of the luxury market and we’d noticed its imperviousness to economic vagaries as affluent customers could afford the prices of luxe goods and wanted the status and prestige those 'marques’ conveyed.”

Lagnado and Tactical tested the viability of selling designer merchandise online at off-price through a number of tests, setting up an operational, transactional website at but also test stores on eBay, Yahoo and other “portals.” "There was immediate acceptance, especially as we guaranteed the authenticity of the products we offered." He continued "Customers were willing to pay up to 75% of 'suggested retail' prices for these goods, although 50% discount was the most common."

Isaac/Ike Lagnado is a veteran retailer and market researcher with long corporate tenures at AMC [now Target] the “captive” buying arm of Federated/ Macys; Target and Harrods, among other retailers. He then served as Vice President of the International Council of Shopping Centers [ICSC] and the Executive Director of its Foundation. He founded Tactical Retail Solutions upon leaving ICSC. Tactical amassed an enviable record of consulting with major clients including Macys; Neiman-Marcus; Mc Kinsey; Ernst & Young and many apparel manufacturers.

Tactical published landmark research on market share; market size and demographics in WWD; HFN; DNR and Retail Merchandiser among others.

Tactical provided Expert Testimony in several retail mergers before the FTC.
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