Perth Lap Pool Manufacturer Now Offers the “Swim Tether Original”

Rockingham, Australia, March 25, 2015 --( Guardian Pools, a trusted name in Perth lap pool manufacture and installation, is pleased to announce that it now offers a new product from US-based company Swim Tether. The “Swim Tether Original” is a system used for stationary water workouts in pools or other bodies of water. The system measures 1.8m tall when assembled and is considered a pioneer in resistance training equipment.

The Swim Tether Original consists of a three-piece fibre rod pole, a static swim cord, a neoprene-covered nylon belt, and a stainless steel deck plate as its base. A swimmer can use the setup for a stationary swimming workout with the belt wrapped around the waist and the pole using lift in the process to reduce drag. The pole can withstand extensive pressure with its high flexibility. The belt is fully adjustable, capable of accommodating waists measuring up to 54 inches.

The Swim Tether Original’s exceptional portability is another feature worth mentioning. The unit can easily be disassembled and taken virtually anywhere with its light weight of less than 2 kg, all components included. Disassembled, it only measures 65 cm at its longest side, allowing for easy storage. The unit can be installed beside lap pools or plunge pools in Perth in a matter of 15 to 30 minutes from drilling to assembly, after which a drying time of four to six hours would be required before the system is fully ready for use.

In addition to their existing catalogue, Guardian Pools aim to expand their range of fitness equipment products such as the Swim Tether Original. Boasting of a powerhouse team of pool experts, all of the company’s manufactured products are constructed with quality materials. To learn more about available products and services, visit

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