Princeton Premier Selects Dr Daniel Laurent for Inclusion in the 2007-2008 Princeton Premier Registry

Millborne, PA, November 21, 2007 --( Princeton Premier Selects Dr Daniel Laurent for inclusion in the 2007-2008 Princeton Premier Registry. Dr Laurent attended The Theological Seminary University where he received his Ph.D in the study of Theology and Psychology. He currently serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of DLCMCDC. He is also a dedicated minister with the Church of God. Dr. Laurent is a man who lives to help others.

Dr. Laurent spends most of his day counseling families and youths who are in need of guidance. Dr. Laurent is completely dedicated to his ministry work and is always looking to satisfy everyone around him. He has influenced countless lives and sets an example in his community. Dr. Laurent is a giver. He donates his time and money to the DLCMCDC. He has also received a Bishop license form the Church of God - International. Dr. Laurent shares and believes in good values and spreads the word to others.

Besides ministry work, Dr. Laurent oversees all computer input data that relates to daily business projections and is constantly looking ahead to stay up to date with technology. When time allows, Dr. Laurent enjoys traveling and sightseeing. He is a highly respected member of his community. Princeton Premier is honored to include Dr. Daniel Laurent in the Honors Edition of the Registry.

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