Find Your Voice. ABC’s Rising Star Sonnet Simmons Expands Vocal Coaching Studio to Help Women Express Themselves Through Singing Lessons

Acclaimed singer and songwriter Sonnet Simmons expands vocal coaching studio to help more women and girls learn how to express themselves and gain confidence.

Los Angeles, CA, March 28, 2015 --( “We all have a need to express ourselves,” writes Sonnet Simmons, a singer and songwriter whose work has been featured in and Coca-cola/Lagoon commercials and on ABC’s Rising Star. Sonnet is also the founder of Singing with Sonnet, a vocal and songwriting studio. Her blog continues: “When we are not able to express ourselves for whatever reason, often all parts of our lives suffer.”

“In this season when women are being told by the media that we need to ‘lean in’ and ‘do it all,’ not many people are talking about how or why,” Sonnet said in a recent interview. “I want to change that. I believe that literally finding your voice can help you gain confidence and the freedom to be yourself at work and in all your relationships.”

Whether it be in the privacy of a shower or on stage in front of millions of viewers, singing can help everyone overcome the fear of self-expression by connecting their mind, body, and voice. The act of singing can make one feel vulnerable and exposed. Sonnet claims it is exactly this vulnerability that has helped her find her own strength and voice on and off the stage.

You don’t need to be professional singer or even have the goal to become one to take voice lessons with Sonnet. Her vocal studio offers classes for all levels of singers, including sessions in home, studio, and via Skype.

“I never try to make my students cry,” Sonnet said in the same interview. “But it happens. They are tears of release and excitement in hearing your own voice coming out so strong. Singing is emotional. It connects the physical body with the heart and mind. I love being a part of that journey...of helping people connect their voice to their own power.”

About Singing with Sonnet
Singing with Sonnet is vocal studio based in Los Angeles, founded in 2011 by Sonnet Simmons, with the intention of helping everyone to find their own voice and sound. Classes include group and one-on-one instruction in voice, piano and songwriting.

Contact:, or 1-323-902-7774 for more information.

About Sonnet Simmons
Sonnet is a singer-songwriter and vocal coach with over 20 years of music experience under teachers and Grammy award winning artists from across the country. She was a contestant on 2014’s ABC Rising Star, where she rose to the top 13, and her original music has been featured in commercials for brands such as and Coca-Cola. A graduate from UCLA with a BA in Music/Voice Performance, Sonnet has taught private and group voice and piano lessons around the LA area; as well as nationwide vocal and performance classes for kids and teens, Endoora Star Camp, under the umbrella company Speech Level Singing. In addition to coaching, Sonnet can be found performing, songwriting for TV.

Contact:, or 1-323-902-7774 for more information.
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