Hot Tubs Lincoln – Portable Spa Dealer Provides Tips for National Sleep Awareness Month

Jacuzzi Hot Tub, Swim Spa, and Sauna Dealer in Lincoln Shares “Three Quick Things Anyone Can Do for a Better Night’s Sleep.” Offers Free Hot Tub and Swim Spa Test Soaks to Local Lincoln, CA Residents.

Lincoln, CA, March 28, 2015 --( Hot Tub Super Center of Rocklin, CA, selling swim spas, hot tubs, BBQ grills, portable spas in Citrus Heights shares “Three Quick Things Anyone Can Do for a Better Night’s Sleep.”

“In today’s hectic and fast-paced world, a lack of sleep can cause some serious problems. Difficulty concentrating and daytime fatigue are just a few of the issues that a lack of sleep can cause,” said William Long of Hot Tub Super Center. Here are three quick things anyone can do for a better night’s sleep all week long.

Get a Comfortable Bed – The more comfortable people can make their bedrooms and especially their beds, the more likely it is that they will be successful in getting to sleep. Make sure the mattress is the proper firmness and offers a good degree of support. Use enough pillows to support vital joints during the night.

Get Plenty of Daily Exercise – It makes sense, the more people exercise during the day, the more likely they will be to sleep well at night simply from exhaustion. A recent study sampling more than 2,600 people of both sexes and all ages showed that more than half of those studied slept better with even moderate activity.

Create a Ritual of Relaxation – Soaking in a hot tub at the end of the day has many benefits, all of which help people fall asleep faster and sleep sounder. The first benefit of soaking in the temperature controlled setting of a hot tub is relief from pain caused by muscle strain or injury. Another benefit from daily soaking in a hot tub is reduced stress levels. Soaking in a hot tub also raises body temperature and creates a more suitable physical state for sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, setting regular bed times and soaking in a hot tub are a good way to improve sleep habits. Hot tubs easily fit into almost any home setting.

The variety in sizes and shapes makes it easy to find just the right fit for any space. They are easier to care for than pools and take up less ground, while offering many advantages over regular tub soaking. Some of the advantages of a hot tub include the ability to maintain temperatures at the perfect setting and the room to sit deeper in the water for a more relaxing position.

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