Leading Pro LED Lighting Manufacturer Launches NVIS White 4 Inch PWM Pod Light

Blue Wolf has announced the release of a brand new product, the NVIS White 4 Inch PWM Pod Light.

Boise, ID, April 01, 2015 --(PR.com)-- The new product features advanced flexibility and settings. With 320 degree rotation capability and 0-100% dimming options, the durable new light is designed to be mounted virtually anywhere. Comprised of durable yet light aluminum and just 4” in length, the NVIS/NVG LED light can be easily utilized in instrumentation and cargo areas. The latest product from Blue Wolf is specifically designed for use in night vision environments such as aircraft cockpits, tanks, boating vessels, and other similar applications but can be ordered in standard "White" light too.

The white NVIS light is of importance because it curbs the common problem of “greening out”, a condition that happens when critical indicator colors such as red and yellow become virtually invisible against harsh light. The NVIS White 4 Inch PWM Pod Light also delivers a wide, glare-reducing beam that spans 57 x 125 degrees. More information is available at http://www.bluewolfinc.com/#!nvis-4-inch-pod-light/c2qn.

About Blue Wolf
Blue Wolf taps into 45+ years of engineering and design experience to consistently manufacture and deliver premier night vision (NVIS) LED lighting products for government and commercial vehicles and high-lumen output marine underwater LED lighting for Lifeform LED®. The company is proudly adheres to strict quality control standards and has manufactured all their products in the United States since 2007.
Blue Wolf
Bill Jacobs