Morris Park Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Educates the Community on Mental Disability

Morris Park Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Brings Awareness to Those Suffering from Permanent Developmental Disorders.

Bronx, NY, April 03, 2015 --( In 1987, The month of March was dedicated to those who suffer from mental retardation and other developmental disorders. These disorders affect about one to three percent of the general population, making those diagnosed with mental retardation a clear minority. Unfortunately, most of society tends to see these people as part of their own social group.

Morris Park Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has made it a priority to help raise awareness of the world in which people with suffering from these disabilities live in.

It goes without saying that someone with normal social and cognitive ability has no way of being able to relate to someone who is severely lacking the skills necessary for daily living. Someone with a mental disorder requires continuous support throughout their life when it comes to even some of the most "basic" daily routines.

General symptoms of people with developmental disabilities include:

Failure to meet intellectual developmental markers

Persistence of infantile behavior

Lack of curiosity

Decreased learning ability

Inability to meet educational demands of school

Morris Park Nursing and Rehabilitation Center stresses the importance of providing encouragement and opportunities of inclusion for those who are lacking the tools needed to initiate their own involvement in daily social activity.

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