Revolutionary Coffee Maker Water Filling System Seeking Seed Funding

Mark Bennett, Inventor of Magic Filler, has a vision. Even though his vision is technically mono-vision (more on that later), his business plan is better than 20/20. Mr. Bennett is setting his new-found sight to change the way we all make our coffee every day. “Magic Filler” is designed to fit on any coffee maker to allow automatic water filling, eliminating the often messy transfer from sink to coffee maker we are all used to.

Jacksonville, FL, April 04, 2015 --( Coffee lovers rejoice. There’s a new way of making your morning pot coming soon. For all of us who enjoy fresh brewed coffee in our homes, we go through a similar routine of pulling out our coffee maker from under the cabinet, lift the lid, take the carafe over to the sink or fridge, fill it up, take it back to the coffee maker and fill up the reservoir to make our favorite brew. Sound familiar?

Mark Bennett, Founder and inventor of Magic Filler, decided to go about changing this routine.

Most visionaries start with a clear vision. Inventor turned entrepreneur Mark Bennett's vision started with clouded vision. About 3 years ago, Mark lost 100% of vision in his left eye due to a retina detachment. The lasting effect was a lack of depth perception, which made pouring water back into the coffee maker messier than before. More times than not, the water would spill and leave a mess to clean up. Along with the mess came inaccuracy as he often had to add a “little more” to get the water to the right level.

Armed with a problem, Bennett went looking for a solution. He scoured the Internet looking for a product that would suit his needs. The only thing he could find were very expensive commercial coffee makers used in the Restaurant industry for years, along with a few people on eBay who cobbled together aquarium and toilet parts to put together homemade renditions that not only looked terrible, but had no way of attaching to his coffee maker. “Not only were they ugly, but they were about $50.00,” Mark stated. “I also found that Kuerig have their own version of a replaceable reservoir designed for a water line to be attached. Well, we don’t have a Kuerig, and the price of that one was over $80.00 And it didn’t include any plumbing.”

Mr. Bennett then took matters into his own hands. “I looked at the general issue I had of making a mess while making a pot of coffee and decided there could very well be a huge need for a way to convert any coffee maker into an automated water filling unit at an affordable cost,” Mark continued. “I first looked into a Patent search to see what I could dig up, thinking somebody must have had this idea prior to myself. I found the only Patents on file are for specific machines, dating back to 1974. I had mechanical drawing skills from way back I put to use, and after a few months of research and development, 'Magic Filler' was born. We applied for our provisional Patent and our non provisional is being drafted as we speak.”

The “magic” behind Magic Filler is the Patent Pending mounting plate that not only simplifies installation, but allows attachment to any coffee maker with a plastic water reservoir (over 95% including the wildly popular single serve coffee makers such as Kuerig). The “basic” kit will include all plumbing needed to install the system and have a MSRP of $24.95. Premium kits are also in the pipeline, which will include electronic versions that will offer push button operation and auto shutoff features.

Mr. Bennett and his family have dedicated themselves into making this convenient and economical product a success. “Molds, materials and marketing are our biggest obstacle, as our funds have been depleted during the research / Patent stage.” Mark said. “We are blessed to be a participant in 2015 One Spark Crowdfunding Festival in Jacksonville, Florida April 8-12th. We have a great display to showcase our groundbreaking product to what’s expected to be 300,000 plus attendee’s. We will be handing out samples of coffee made through our Magic Filler converted coffee makers at the food court in the Jacksonville Landing. We have our fingers crossed that we will attract Angel Investors or Seed Funders who will be as excited about our business plan as we are. We are also hoping participants (and anyone else who downloads the One Spark App) will vote or contribute to us...It IS a crowdfunding festival at heart.”

After One Spark, Mr. Bennett plans on seeking out Venture Capital through various sources. “Our gross profit margins, huge potential market, wrapped together with our passion should be quite attractive to investors,” Mark stated. “Our plans also include employing Jacksonville’s disadvantaged community, offering a living wage to those who might not necessarily have had that option in the past.”

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