WebHostFace Introduces Brand New PHP Tools in cPanel

WebHostFace is proud to announce the release of the custom-built PHP tools in every client cPanel. All can now take advantage of the PHP Info, PHP Logs, PHP Modules, PHP Settings and PHP Version tools.

Wilmington, DE, April 04, 2015 --(PR.com)-- WebHostFace is a web hosting provider that offers a wide range of products - from Shared plans, Reseller packages, Managed and Unmanaged VPS solutions all the way to Dedicated Servers. The company motto "Service always comes with a smiling face" derives from their strong emphasis on flawless customer support. The personal touch is one of the main factors behind the foundation of the brand and a catalyst to drive them forward, recently earning them 2nd place in the Annual Reader's Choice Awards by HostReview.

Another key trait of WebHostFace is the desire for improvement and innovation which is signified by the dedicated team in charge of the generation of new ideas and putting them into actual use. Born from the minds of those young people the company is proud to introduce a set of customized PHP tools for all cPanel clients of their services. These implementations provide some invaluable PHP information as well as easier management of many frequently used functions. As CEO Valentin Sharlanov stated, "Those neat tools are not something revolutionary, we just aim to expand on what hosting clients get with their providers. PHP functions in cPanel were rather scattered and not up-to-par with today's standards so we decided to kick it up a notch. Now our customers will have an easy shortcut to change versions, check logs, enable modules and much more with nothing but a couple of mouse clicks. User experience and freedom were the focal point of this project and I can proudly say that they were duly delivered."

There are a total of 5 tools which are clearly visible in the cPanel, branded with the company colors and reflecting their modern vision and in-house design.

The PHP Info tool brings up a full profile of the PHP configuration, which is categorized in easily-comprehensible tables. The info depicts the capabilities and paths of the programming language. This can be used to determine whether a script would run properly or if any changes are needed to the configuration, saving the client time and effort of looking those up or asking for support.

PHP Logs provides in-depth information about any such failure that occurred on the account conveniently summarized into an error log. The client can handpick the file(s) that need to be monitored and the number of lines they want them displayed in.

PHP Modules is a gem of a tool where clients gather details of the enabled extensions for their account on a server level. On top of that the account owner can select to enable (or disable) other extensions according to their requirements. Enabled modules may vary according to the chosen PHP version.

PHP Settings are the utensil in modifying the php.ini file of the hosting account. This system file is indispensable when it comes to changing things like timezone, error displaying, error reporting and quite some many more. Depending on individual needs those values can be changed globally or per folder, very much similar to a tree structure.

The PHP Version is the one that controls which version of the language the client employs and provides the same freedom to change it on an account or folder level. The big news here is the implementation of PHP 5.6 which is not yet widely available but is already increasingly demanded by developers working with some trending frameworks like Laravel.

WebHostFace currently supports over 300 web-building scripts. Among them are the most popular in the likes of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento but also some up-and-rising newcomers like Laravel, OJS and Phalcon. This growing popularity of diverse scripts creates a demand for more flexibility with the hosting solution and such custom PHP tools signify willingness to meet this demand. The whole WebHostFace team promises to continue their strive to ceaselessly introduce innovative products all the while keeping a strong focus around customer satisfaction.
Radoslav Chakarov