Carbinite Dyno Traction Enhancement Significantly Reduces Wheel Slip for More Accurate Pulls

Carbinite Metal Coatings has developed a revolutionary traction enhancement process that can be applied on site with minimal down time.

Renfrew, PA, April 04, 2015 --( Carbinite is excited to announce that they have applied their state of the art surface texturing technology to repairing and refurbishing worn chassis dyno drums/rollers with great success! The increased coefficient of friction (COF) greatly improves traction and subsequently allows for more accurate pulls, more repeatable readings and more accurate data collection due to the elimination of wheel spin.

The common methods of texturing chassis dyno drums are thermal sprays and knurling. These are both acceptable methods to increase the COF between the tire and the drum but they are not without their limitations and draw backs. Thermal sprays and knurls both wear like any other surface, however once they do begin to wear, there is no way to refurbish the rollers without doing a complete overhaul including removing the drums from the pit or dyno frame which is costly and time consuming. Thermal sprays are costly and messy, Carbinite is similar to arc welding, but with a low heat affected zone, there is no “spray” and no mess! Also rotational mass is not affected and rebalancing is not required.

Carbinite has developed a unique automation technique that allows us to come to you and do the refurbishment on site. This limits down time so you can keep your business running and your clients happy. The average COF from steel to Rubber is around .6, when Carbinite is applied the COF jumps to over 1.0 almost doubling the effective traction. Carbinite coated rollers can also be installed & maintained on site in most cases, without removal of the rollers making it the most convenient and cost effective solution on the market.

Carbinite’s textured coatings have been used for decades to solve a variety of problems in manufacturing, machining, fabricating and a host of other industries so it will hold up to whatever you can throw at it. This process has been used to coat dynos for customers like KTM North America, Earnhardt Childress Racing, SLP Performance, Cobb Tuning, and BMW North America. Dyno refurbishment scheduling for 2015 has already begun and dates are filing up fast, contact us today for videos, pricing and availability!
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Drum Coating

Drum Coating

Dyno drum being coated on site without removal.