Small Business Owner & Designer Pitches Online to Raise Funds Independently

Angela Brasington, entrepreneur and designer turns to Kickstarter for her latest endeavor, Anjé, a boutique ready to wear collection made in America that clothes the homeless when her customers clothe themselves. With just 30 days to fund, every day and every dollar counts.

New York, NY, April 04, 2015 --( Entrepreneur Angela Brasington is turning to the Internet to raise funds for her latest project, Anjé, an American-made fashion brand that helps clothe the homeless with every purchase. Funding is the first major obstacle to getting any new business off the ground. Entrepreneurs have to become more innovative in their fundraising tactics, and the independent community has embraced sites like

In line with guidelines, artists have a set number of days to raise all the funds, or the project receives nothing. Brasington's campaign has a 30-day fundraising window, from start to finish. If the allotted budget ($50,000 US) is not raised by April 30, all pledges are cancelled and the campaign will not be funded.

When asked about why Kickstarter was appealing, Brasington noted, "The ability to have a website specifically for your project, to show potential backers your progress before, during and after the campaign is invaluable. It allows people to see where I have brought the business thus far and where I see it going with the help of their support." An added advantage for artists is Kickstarter's merchant partner, which enables each project the convenience of receiving funds from anywhere in the world.

Brasington entered the online fundraising pool after careful research on how to launch a successful campaign as well as by reviewing the successes and failures of other campaigns. Initially planning to launch the Kickstarter campaign to start her business in 2014, Angela decided to wait and instead launch the business on her own. She has since gained sales, press and credibility and can now show the potential backers that, with their help, growth potential is limitless. With barely a month of sales and market exposure, Ms. Brasington was contacted by British Vogue, British Glamour, Fashion Edits online magazine, Le Style and Celebrity Gifting Suites for the MTV Movie Awards as well as others.

Brasington’s business is not just about fashion. It is about shedding light on the initiative for American-made products, it’s about taking a material product and turning it into a cause by giving back to the less fortunate in the continued effort to build this country up. The fashion is the product on which this foundation lies. High quality fabrics and carefully designed silhouettes that are chic and sophisticated for long-term style are the basis of garments in the Collection. Fabrics include all kinds of silks, Italian leather, cashmere and wool.

When the project is successfully funded, Brasington will reward all her backers and continue to strategize her growth plan, including sampling the Spring/Summer 2016 collection, attending tradeshows & press events and collaborate with industry influencers to make Anjé a well-known name in the industry. To learn more about the campaign, readers can visit the project's pitch page here:

About Angela Brasington:
Angela Brasington is a seasoned vet in the fashion industry. Having worked in many different parts of the business, she incorporates knowledge and experience in every decision she makes in the growth of her company.

Angela Brasington
Anje Studios, LLC
Anje Studios, LLC
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