Exclusive Hot Seat Training Pits Landlord Against "Tenants from Hell" in Explosive Fight That Can Cost Unknowing Landlord Everything

New survey find big opportunity for some Landlord and exclusive Fort Wayne Indiana REIA training allows landlords to learn faster for a peaceful, profitable real estate business using proven tools for tenant problems when the stakes are high.

Fort Wayne, IN, April 06, 2015 --(PR.com)-- A recent survey of residential renters nationwide found just 7% occupying said that the housing provider has exceed their expectations. The tenant’s biggest problem during their experiences with the Landlord or Property Management: communication.

Called ‘Hot Seat’, this exclusive Fort Wayne Indiana REIA training method pits expert Landlords against "Tenants from Hell" in an explosive fight that could cost a beginner landlord time, money, court, reputation and aggravation.

The communication skills taught in the Hot Seat allow Landlords to be prepared and educated in order to easily handle awkward conversations, quickly resolve tenant problems and turn damaging confrontations into chances to build respect and loyalty from renters. With these ‘tools for talking’ Landlords can build multiple streams of passive income through rental property in their spare time.

Word Power for Fast Resolution to Landlord-Tenant Problems
When you know what to say you can win the game because communication is not what’s said it is what’s heard. The latest Hot Seat session addressed and solved how to handle real-life renter problems and awkward tenant conversations that Landlords struggle:

o Renter denies bringing bugs into the property and refuses to pay exterminator
o “I know I only have one person in my lease... but he’s the babysitter!”
o “The people below are too loud so I need to break my lease”
o The property now smells like body odor and dead fish
o Handling problem tenants and rewarding good ones
o "The rent is late because the tenant’s mom is dying"
o Tenant threatens lawsuit and intimidation

Effective communication to improve negotiations
Hot Seat was created by real estate investor Association president Scott FladHammer in order to shrink the long learning curve it takes to get great in real estate rentals. By putting real estate experts on a chair, called the hot seat, and grilling them with every possible situation, beginning real estate investors can learn firsthand how to handle real estate conflict-resolution with the utmost ease and professionalism.

FladHammer, who is a 20 year Landlord himself, explains the Hot Seat-style of learning this way, “Education is knowing what to do next, skill is knowing how to do it, and communication is the ability to covey it. You can find other ways of getting the education. But this is the only proven way to put it into practice to be peaceful and profitable in real estate.”

On the set filming the latest Hot Seat session FladHammer describes the problem, “When the stakes are high and our adrenaline flows it’s a concoction that dumbs us down. We tend to say the wrong things. Compare that to staying cool and in control and the verbiage to explain set policies and you can see why our members are so much smarter. And that translates into fewer vacancies, less headaches and more peace and profits.”

The Indiana REIA™ Fort Wayne REIA Meeting is hosted by some of the top investors and real estate business owners in the country guarantees you can hone and sharpen your deal analysis skills, examine common mistakes and pitfalls. And then network and learn from others in your own area and at your current level in real estate: beginner, 'been doing it awhile' or pro.

As a supporter of connecting with Real Estate Investors Associations, and a associate of fourteen REIAs, FladHammer recommends the real estate training offered in Fort Wayne, “Real Estate Investing is the new ‘Work From Home’ opportunity. These state-of-the-art educational trainings combined with the world-class content inside the member academy skyrocket profits for new real estate investors and veterans. It’s what makes the Fort Wayne REIA™ the best REIA in the country.”

Those interested can attend this Hot Seat Landlord training for free. See the place, day and times on the Indiana Real Estate Investors Association™ website: http://IndianaREIA.com/meetings

[ Editors Note: The Fort Wayne Indiana Real Estate Investors Association™ features an extensive amount of Property Management and Landlord training that can be seen here http://IndianaREIA.com/manage ]
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