Launching of the Site The First Among Friends Sharing Site Which Allows to Manage His Collections. is a new social cataloging website which allows to easily catalog his things (tools, music albums, books, comics, movies, ...), and share his collections with his friends. Launched in April 2015, is a totally free online site with unlimited use, focused on user experience and ease of use while providing advanced sharing features.

New-York, NY, April 08, 2015 --( Collections Management

The website user can create as many collections as he want. The collections are quickly filled out with an excel-like form, without having to add items one by one. The site rely on the Amazon database to provide suggestions as soon as the first letters are entered.

In addition to the predefined criteria, the user can set his own criteria, then sort, filter and find out an object in all his collections or those of his friends. The website also allows to easily manage the location of his things.

Sharing collections

To ensure confidentiality, all entered information is private by default, and the user can choose to share with friends, either by generating a permanent link that can be accessed by all the friends to whom he has sent the link, or by sharing his collections with other registered friends. In both cases, the user may choose to share only certain things in his collections, and to make visible only certain criteria.

One goal: facilitate sharing

Unlike more targeted but sometimes complex social cataloging applications, aims to propose a simple and easy way to manage all of his collections, whether music or movies, and share them with friends or neighbors. Compared to the others sharing websites between neighbors, offers the cataloging features (database, carousel, ...) required to make the user want to list all of his things.
Ghis Darley