My Single City, All-New Mobile App for Singles

My Single City allows users to search and filter for singles in their city. This app is different from any other dating app because there are no profiles or pictures. Simply check into locations and brings singles to you or search for users you’re interested in. Search and filters by age, gender, race, education, etc.

Coral Gables, FL, April 08, 2015 --( The all-new My Single City mobile app simplifies the process of singles finding and meeting each other by listing nearby establishments and venues where other single people have checked in to, in any city. Users, who must be 18+ years of age, and of course single, must register by creating a brief, anonymous profile to begin searching for other single people right away. The app’s premium features include narrowing down your search preferences (according to education, ethnicity, employment status and age range) and 'Single Me Out', which allows users to further specify on a preset list, where they are in a venue, all while remaining anonymous. As users check in and share check-ins on Facebook, they accumulate "Key to Your City" reward points that are redeemable for gift cards, and other rewards.

The idea behind the mobile app stems from two best friends frequently going out with great expectations of meeting new people, only to be met with disappointment when it seems as though everyone around them are already in relationships. They repeatedly asked, "Where do single people hang out?” and consequently My Single City was born and developed to help answer that simple question. Unlike other dating and social apps, there is no long questionnaire to complete, or personal photos to upload.

"My Single City app strategically increases your odds of meeting someone while you're out,” said Laurie Hinshelwood, co-founder of My Single City. “The natural interaction of approaching someone still has to happen, but by using our app, you now have a greater chance of meeting other singles while you’re out. What sets our app apart from other social apps, is the anonymity factor. You can view where other singles have checked in to, in any city, decide if you want to go there, and have peace of mind knowing that no matter what, you remain anonymous. The next step, whether you want to approach someone or not, is completely up to you.”

My Single City is now available on the App Store and Google Play. Once downloaded, users enjoy 30 days of unlocked premium access. After 30 days, full functionality will return when user upgrades for only $1.99.

My Single City is a new mobile app, with a database growing on a daily basis. If search results are not found immediately, continue to check in, spread the word through social media, word-of-mouth, and share the app with friends. For more details about My Single City, please e-mail
My Single City
Shari Linton
786 226 4034