Wordpress Guru Sherman Hu Prompts: What Are You Thankful for?

Sumas, WA, November 21, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Sherman Hu, founder of ShermanLive.com, Chief Blogging Officer (CBO) of WordpressTutorials.com and faculty member at Stompernet.com has launched a new site, Are You Thankful, found on the web at http://www.areyouthankful.com/. Unlike his many successful and profitable projects, this site was created by Hu simply to offer a reminder to people everywhere about the many things for which they can be thankful this holiday season.

“I get so much pleasure from creating and running businesses, but at the root of my happiness is my amazing family. I was sitting here this weekend thinking about them and how thankful I am for them and how I sometimes take them for granted and I just wanted to share this moment of counting my blessings with the web,” said Hu.

Hu is the Founder and Chief Blogging Officer at WordPressTutorials.com and he is widely known as a blogging and new media guru and subject matter expert. He is now on the faculty of StomperNet.com and speaks all over the United States helping entrepreneurs to understand the value of blogging, social media and viral networking.

He is also husband of 12 years to Sarah and father to two beautiful children, home-schooler extraordinaire and an active community member.

As a successful, home based entrepreneur, Hu travels extensively and offers a constant array of online videos, tutorials and conferences to help small business owners to be more successful at getting their message out across the web. No stranger to viral marketing, whether of the business or humor variety, Hu is excited to see this social experiment come to fruition.

Hu adds, “Having seen the power of multi-media online, I wanted to take a step back from generating profit and take some time to just generate some good feeling. The holidays can be so stressful and there are a lot of people out there who just need a smile, so hopefully by publicizing this within my own network and through the media, that will happen.”

Should the project be successful, will Hu consider working more feel good marketing strategies into his curriculum for the entrepreneurs and bloggers of North America?

“I’d love more people to use the amazing viral marketing potential for pure good and altruism rather than just to generate clicks, but maybe I’ll inspire another entrepreneur out there who will inspire someone else. I’d especially like to spark ideas like this to non-profits and charitable institutions who could be using technology to generate visibility and even donations for their organizations – so we’ll see where it goes!” said Hu.

Enjoy the video, share with a friend and check out the blog through the holidays online at www.areyouthankful.com.

About Sherman Hu

Sherman was born and raised in Singapore and now lives in Vancouver BC Canada. A veteran SEO professional, Sherman's main focus is as a blogger, podcaster and new media expert. He launched his own search engine marketing firm in 2002 catering to small and medium sized businesses which he maintains to this day. Sherman is also the Chief Blogging Officer (CBO) of WordpressTutorials.com - a membership site offering training videos to business owners on setting up, customizing, utilizing, marketing and profiting from Wordpress blogs. He is also a faculty member and speaker for StomperNet.com focusing on blogging, search marketing, podcasting & audioblogging, videocasting & videoblogging, screencasting and traffic generation. Hu also recently launched ShermanLive.com, an audio and video enhanced podcast show to help small business owners understand the ever changing landscape of new media on the web. Find Sherman Hu on the web at www.shermanlive.com.

Sherman Hu