ParkingWale Mobile App Coming to Rescue of Bengaluru City & Traffic

If movies, rails, flights, cabs, auto's etc. can be booked online, then why not parking slots?

Bangalore, India, April 15, 2015 --( The IT revolution over the past couple of decades has transformed Bengaluru’s eco-system. Bengaluru today is not just one of the most sought after cities in the country, but internationally too. With these radical changes, there comes in challenges for traffic and public parking space. It remains a known fact that there is very little scope for road expansion in Bengaluru, so better utilization of the existing traffic infrastructure and parking space is of high priority.

Rapid population migration to Bengaluru due to growth in IT and other industries has led to an increase in vehicular population to about 1.5 million. This is further augmented with an annual growth rate of 7-10%. Fact remains that with increasing expansion of city limits, public transport has not been able to provide complete and extensive coverage. This has circumvented to increase in private mode of transportation. Today around 90% of all motor vehicles in Bengaluru are in form of privately owned two wheelers and cars. (Source Bengaluru Traffic Police -

Now with this increase in private vehicles, public parking becomes even bigger challenge, as compared to traffic infrastructure. Commuters waste gallons of fuel circling around city to find a free parking spot. Reality is that a parking space in itself is not a big problem; bigger problem is to locate the nearest parking space, and getting a free slot in it. With this objective in mind, Bengaluru based JustPark Parking Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has come up with Parking Wale mobile app. This mobile app helps in TAP (Technology Assisted Parking). Commuters simply need to search right parking space on this mobile app, reserve it in some very simple steps, and get full peace of mind.

“Parking Wale has been gaining a lot of traction over last couple of months. Initially it has been launched for the city of Bengaluru, but soon it will be available for Pune, Delhi. Gurgaon and other major Indian cities,” says Mitushi Singh, co-founder at JustPark Parking Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

About Parking Wale:

Parking Wale is a one-tap solution to help commuters find most convenient parking facilities anywhere in the city. App users can search parking by neighborhood, place or name. Details of each parking facility are posted along with rates, capacity, description and picture. Additionally, Parking Wale also guides commuters to parking destination with map-based directions. App users can reserve parking slot in advance as well, helping eliminate the hassle of parking miles away from their destination. At present Parking Wale is helping only Bangalore commuters. But it also looks forward to services in all major cities in near future.
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