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Difficult Economic Outlook for German Machinery Industry - New Report in the Quest Trend Magazine

The new report on basis of the current numbers of the Federal Statistical Office put the outlook for the German machinery industry into the context with its worldwide export markets.

Bochum, Germany, April 15, 2015 --( In December 2014, production of the German machinery industry had exceeded its pre-crisis level for the first time - six years after the crisis outbreak!

In January and February 2015 production and sales again clearly returned back in their sideways range that had been formed since 2011. It is probable that production and sales of the German machinery industry will continue to remain caught in their multi-year sideways range in the foreseeable future with fluctuations upward and downward.

The report calls for this outlook mainly two reasons.

The process of the worldwide crisis overcoming six years after the crisis outbreak is not characterized by the usual general upward business trend but by a close entwinement of growth, stagnation and setbacks of the worldwide industrial production. This indicates a new phenomenon, a new structural change in the process of the worldwide industrial production.

This change coins the process of the industrial production in over 70% of the export countries of the German machinery industry, i.e. the industrialized countries European Union, Japan and the USA as well as the BRIC of countries above all Brazil, Russia and India. In the so-called MIST countries Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea and the Turkey, absorbing 7% of the German machine exports, a general upward business trend is mainly determining the industrial production of these countries.

A further new report states that the export shares of German machinery industry do not keep up with the development of the industrial production in the export countries, apart from the USA. This fact limits likewise the growth potential for the German machinery industry.

The link to the new report in English and German about the economic outlook of the German machinery industry is
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