UviCube Closes Successful Kickstarter Campaign

The newest application of UV light technology moves into production, with pre-orders on the UviCube website starting April 6, 2015.

Irvine, CA, April 15, 2015 --(PR.com)-- UviCube, a new device that uses ultraviolet (UV) light to keep your baby safe from germs, announces the close of its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. The campaign closed after 45 days and raised $32,096 with 124 backers. UviCube will now begin offering pre-orders on its website, www.uvicube.com. UviCube will be available in two colors, Rocket Grey and UviCube Blue, and all preorders are set to ship in June 2015.

UviCube is the easiest way to keep your baby safe from germs. The new device dries, disinfects and stores baby bottles, but also has the ability to sanitize mobile phones and electronics with the touch of a button. Featuring a highly reflective stainless steel inner chamber that allows UV light to be reflected in all directions, UviCube effectively kills 99.9% of exposed germs with the touch of a button. UviCube does not use boiling water or hot steam, protecting users from the risk of burns, cleanup, and waste. UviCube can also dry and store items, so no additional counter space is required until those items are needed.

UviCube showcased its first prototype at the 2013 ABC Kids Expo’s Invention Connection and presented a pre-production model at the 2014 ABC Kid’s Expo, prior to its launch on Kickstarter in February 2015.

“We are so excited to share what we’ve been developing for the last two years,” says Autumn Colayco, Co-Founder of UviCube. “We are so thankful to the Kickstarter community for backing our product and are looking forward to moving into production. The funds generated from this campaign helps a great deal in bringing our first inventory to the United States. We’re grateful for the support we’ve received so far and we’re excited that parents see UviCube as a convenient solution to keep their baby safe from germs.”

UviCube will be welcoming pre-orders on the UviCube website starting April 10, 2015. UviCube has also set up the Pay with Amazon ability on the ecommerce section of the site. During the pre order period, customers can preorder UviCube using their Amazon account.

Set to ship in June 2015, UviCube will be available for $259 via pre-order, $40 below retail cost, and will include free shipping. Once UviCube has shipped to Kickstarter backers and preorders have been filled, UviCube’s retail price will be set at $299.

UviCube has begun working with retailers and distributors, who want to help introduce the future of keeping babies safe from germs to the marketplace.

For more information about UviCube, please visit: http://www.uvicube.com

About UviCube
UviCube (Kokirri, LLC) was started in 2012. UviCube is the easiest way to keep your baby safe from germs. Think of UviCube as a small safe that helps you keep the things your baby loves protected from germs.When items are placed inside the UviCube, ultraviolet (UV) light eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria with the press of a button. Baby bottles, pacifiers and cups can be dried, disinfected and stored in a safe, clean enclosure until they are needed. Because UviCube uses UV light, you can safely sanitize mobile phones, electronics, toys and other items that cannot be exposed to moisture or heat. Two years were spent testing and identifying high quality materials, making sure the product meets U.S. safety standards and properly complying with federal, state and local regulatory requirements. Results in eliminating 99.9% of harmful bacteria have also been validated by a nationally recognized testing laboratory. UviCube is based in Irvine, CA and has patents pending.

For more information about UviCube, please visit: http://www.uvicube.com
Gisela Michan