Summit Secure Launches "Summit AceTRACK, a New Fleet GPS Tracking Service and a Compelling Value

Dallas, TX, April 15, 2015 --( Summit Secure, a leader in offering satellite-enabled, wireless communications solutions to corporate and government clients, announced today it has partnered with The Woodlands, Texas- based Lone Star Tracking to launch a new fleet GPS tracking service called Summit AceTRACK, which employs the latest and best available 3G GPS tracking modules and a leading-edge software platform, all in a user friendly and value-priced package to corporate and government fleet owners.

“Summit’s new AceTRACK service is a natural addition to our array of world class communications solutions and will enable fleet managers to quickly and affordably receive a wealth of vehicle data, resulting in increase driver and vehicle efficiency, lower maintenance and fuel costs, and minimized losses related to vehicle theft. Our tracking service also has valuable additional applications including tracking farming, mining, construction and oil and gas equipment, providing instant text and email alerts if equipment is moved outside of a pre-determined geo-fenced area. We have selected a premier partner in this endeavor, and are offering a robust and user-friendly software platform that is accessible via the Internet (SaaS) and is utilized by the U.S. Department of Defense,” said Karl Faulhaber, President and CEO of Summit Secure.

About Summit AceTRACK:

SummitACETRACK combines the latest durable and top performing 3G tracking hardware with a feature laden, time tested, and user-friendly Internet-based software application, an automatic multi-carrier cellular network system and multiple monthly and annual subscription plans at very attractive price points. This versatile service provides a plethora of important data to fleet managers, farmers, and other business owners seeking to maximize efficiency and minimize losses. Special features include traffic overlays, geo-fencing, and automated alerts sent to designated management personnel when assets are moved or operated inconsistent with pre-set limits. Our new GPS fleet tracking service is highly scalable, so it’s perfect for fleets of all sizes and support will be delivered by the knowledgeable, experienced and always available U.S.-based team at Summit Secure.

About Summit Secure:

Summit Secure, based in Dallas, Texas, provides interoperable, satellite-based resilient communications solutions and network services, now including fleet and other asset GPS tracking, to corporate and government clients, operating on land, in the air, and at sea. Featuring products from Hughes Network Services, Inmarsat, AvL, Winegard, Thrane and Thrane, JRC, and others, Summit Secure can enable secure, resilient Broadband Internet and telephone connectivity anywhere in the world, regardless of infrastructure, easily, affordably, and with world-class reliability. This technology is utilized for SCADA, SmartMeter/SmartGrid backhaul, business continuity, and disaster response and recovery by energy, utility, broadcast media, healthcare, mining, railroad and other companies as well as government entities, namely public safety agencies, when they are working in remote areas lacking traditional communications infrastructure or if that infrastructure isn't available in the event of a disaster. Summit Secure works with its clients to ensure they have the right solution at the right price and provides a high level of “always available” U.S.-based support, enabling them to efficiently and securely conduct their daily business and preserve lives and assets, Worldwide.
Summit Secure
Karl E. Faulhaber