Peddle Master, LLC Partners with TV4 Network

A joint venture in marketing and new media distribution

Fort Lauderdale, FL, November 24, 2007 --( Peddle Master, LLC announced today its partnership with TV4 Network. The partnership provides Peddle Master an online marketing and video distribution solution to reach consumers globally.

TV4 Network will be marketing the Peddle Master system, a portable hand control device for disabled consumers, through exciting new media platforms such as video networks and social networks. The partnership is based solely on TV4 Network’s performance in generating sales. Unlike mainstream marketers, TV4 Network reaches targeted consumers that need a product like the Peddle Master by creating awareness, inciting interest, and ultimately matching a consumer with the Peddle Master system.

There are over 5 million disabled people in the United States. TV4 Network will be targeting these consumers that wish to regain their independence with a portable hand control system that requires no installation. Peddle Master gives these Americans the freedom to test drive virtually any vehicle, rent cars while on vacation, and the ability to own more than one vehicle without the inhibitive cost of conventional hand control systems.

“This is an exciting opportunity to reach consumers that want to learn about products like Peddle Master,” said Mr. John N. Kyle, II, President of TV4 Network. “This is a very specific consumer that we intend to help Peddle Master target through online video networks, social networks and forums.” TV4 Network will enable consumers to watch a video and get more information through its marketplace.

“We like TV4 Network’s ability to specifically target disabled consumers that have been searching for something like Peddle Master,” stated Rick Judson, President of Peddle Master. “Our product has enabled thousands of consumers to regain a sense of freedom, and can help millions more. That’s why we chose TV4 Network and its for their performance based sales system and its highly efficient solution to reach these consumers.”

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Kristina Bruni