Anderson Thermal Devices Offering Complete Selection of Shortwave and Medium-Wave Industrial Heaters

Hawthorne, NJ-based process heating component specialists, Anderson Thermal Devices is now presenting clients a comprehensive selection of shortwave and mediumwave industrial heaters. The company’s selection includes both expertly-refined T3 and T4 quartz halogen shortwave lamps that have been designed to offer fast response heating, as well as the latest mediumwave industrial heating products from the experts at Therma-Tech.

Hawthrome, NJ, April 19, 2015 --( In planning the future development of their applications, companies within the process heating marketplace must analyze how their systems perform in terms of heating quality, productivity and energy efficiency. But without an understanding of the latest heating technology, companies are often unable to move forward within their applications. They require the assistance of process heating component experts who can guide them on the types of mediumwave and shortwave industrial heaters available in the current marketplace. And that’s the reason that companies are now working with the experienced team at Anderson Thermal Devices.

The Anderson Thermal Devices range of infrared heating products sets the standards for performance within the marketplace. The company’s brand of T3 and T4quartz halogens hortwave lamps are uniquely engineered to offer a heating up and cooling down time of just 1 second. This 1 second response time means that companies consolidate their energy expenditure and technicians can complete their processing work more quickly for greater company productivity. The firm also works with the manufactures and markets Therma-Tech to providing access to Therma-Tech’s full selection of medium-wave heating solutions. Clients may consider, for example, the THERMAKING™ product.

THERMAKING™ is the hottest and most efficient electric infrared panel heater available on the market today. The leading advantage of the product is its performance efficiency. 95% of the THERMAKING™ system’s output is directed at the heated product, for ultra-fast heating that ensures companies maximize in-house resources and drive higher levels of performance within their medium-wave heating applications.

Anderson Thermal Devices is the trusted specialist for all industrial infrared heating component needs. To learn more on the company and their product selection, please contact their office team directly at 800-720-5256or visit their business website today via
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John McKechnie