Storage Made Easy Announces Growth of 155% for 2014 Fiscal Trading Year

Storage Made Easy announced strong results for their 2014 year ending March 31st, 2015.

London, United Kingdom, April 25, 2015 --( Storage Made Easy, a private UK company, today announced strong Q4 results of 36% growth on Q3 fuelling a 155% year on year growth for their fiscal 2014 trading year ending March 31st 2015.

Storage Made Easy provides an Enterprise File Share and Sync fabric that acts as a single pane of glass into all an organizations' data points, be they behind the corporate firewall or on public cloud.

Sales were fuelled by strong service provider and OEM growth and an increase in direct license revenues and professional services.

Storage Made Easy is storage agnostic and the product provides a value add for service providers who want to upsell customers' storage but who also want to augment storage services their customer is already using.

Being storage agnostic enables the product to be used with over 50 cloud storage vendors, including OpenStack, Amazon S3, CleverSafe, Cloudian, Amplidata, HP Helion, Microsoft Azure, Softlayer and more.

The product is also available for OEM and as vendors increasingly want to add differentiation to their product sets, the SME solution can be incorporated to increase governance and control, or to facilitate easier user interaction by using components of the solution, such as the desktop integrated Cloud Drive.

A third strong business growth area was for customers using their own storage to facilitate a private or enterprise dropbox use case in which companies operate as their own ISP in a private or hybrid cloud topology.

Storage Made Easy CEO Jim Liddle said, “We have made great strides in the last financial year and we have increased our visibility in the marketplace. We are aware that we are in a crowded space and that gaining visibility of differentiation can be hard but we do offer a genuinely different alternative to a lot of what is available and we have a strong belief in our message of interoperability and cohesive governance and control across existing private and cloud data stores.”

About Storage Made Easy (SME):

Storage Made Easy is the trading name of Vehera LTD who has offices in the UK, USA and Switzerland. The SME solution allows IT to regain control of “cloud data sprawl” by unifying private/public company data and privately used employee cloud data solutions into a single converged infrastructure.

This can easily be managed and be used to set and enforce governance and audit controls for file access and sharing in addition to providing deep content search of indexed data.

This approach provided a solution to the “shadow IT” conundrum and makes it possible for companies to find a balance between the protection of corporate data and employee data by allowing businesses to monitor, secure and audit all data silos, be they private or cloud or company or employee, from a single access point.

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Ana de Jorge, Communications & Marketing Manager