Adrienne Mayor on Shadows in the Dark November 25 @ 9:30pm EST

Host Jeremiah Greer welcomes Adrienne Mayor to the show to discuss ancient Paleontology and how this could have lead to the stories of heroes and mystical creatures of the time.

Canton, NC, November 24, 2007 --( Adrienne Mayor joins the show, November 25th at 9:30pm EST, for an hour long discussion on Paleontology in ancient times and how this may have lead to the stories of mystical creatures and heroes like the Cyclops, griffins, giants and many others. Was the Cyclops possibly just the skull of an elephant? What about giants and heroes? Where they all just a case of mistaken identity? These questions answered along with many others. This is a show you don’t want to miss.

Adrienne Mayor is an independent scholar who investigates scientific realities embedded in myth and classical antiquity. Her articles on ancient legends about nature and the early history of science appear in scholarly journals and popular magazines. Her work is reported in international media; she has been interviewed on NPR, BBC, and has appeared on Discovery, Animal Planet, and History Channel TV, and presents her research in public lectures in the US and Europe. Visiting Fellow, Classics, and Princeton 2005-6; Visiting Fellow Classics, Stanford 2006-.

Adrienne has written several books and has several web pages dealing with fossils and ancient mythical creatures and legends. You can visit for a complete list of books and web pages.

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