Safe Baby Toys for the Holidays, Beyond the Super Stores, China and Plastics

It takes a lot of savvy this Holiday Season when shopping for safe baby toys. Millions of toys made in China were recalled this year, due to excessive lead in paint. Even plastic baby toys contain the toxic chemical Phthalates. One online Baby Boutique has made it their mission to seek out the best in safe baby toys and fun alternative natural baby toys. Look beyond the local super store and keep baby safe this Holiday

Long Beach, CA, November 24, 2007 --( This summer and fall, we’ve watched millions of Chinese toys recalled due to excessive amounts of lead paint. In fact just recently, toys were found to carry a chemical that is easily converted to a powerful “date rape” drug.

Still on the store shelves in the US, are plastic baby toys, such as rubber ducks, plastic teethers, plastic baby bottles and more. They contain the chemicals Phthalates (banned in Europe), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), and Bisphernol A, which have been linked to development health problems. In our quest as a society to mass produce inexpensive baby toys, we have forgotten to place our childrens’ health first.

One successful online baby boutique,, has taken a fresh approach in offering alternative safe baby toys. “We hand-select only the safest wooden and natural baby toys on the market, and keep it fun too" states Dawn Torress, owner of Recurrent Dreams Baby, R.N. and mother of two. "We buy from smaller fair trade philanthropic companies, and award winning US companies with an emphasis on fun, education and accomplishment."

"My personal favorites are BlaBla’s poetic mermaids and sock monkeys hand-knitted by Peruvian women cooperatives, YoYo Dolls crafted by Bolivian Aymara artisans, and the Wooden Teething Rattle carved from a single piece of rock maple wood in Vermont. Safely caring for our children is our priority at Recurrent Dreams Baby."

For tips on Shopping for Safe Baby Toys for the Holidays, and to learn more about Avoiding Chemicals in Plastic Toys, visit resource webpage: Safe Baby Toys

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