Couple's Are Getting Better Night's Sleep Due to More Comfortable Body Temperature in Bed

New Sheets Solve Debate Between Couples: Cotton or Flannel?

Newcastle, WA, November 27, 2007 --( Many couples sharing a bed are divided due to differing body temperatures. When preparing for bed, one partner might dress like they are traveling to the North Pole, while the other partner may look ready to go to the beach. One partner freezes under cotton sheets, while the other partner is toasty warm under cotton. Enduring this scenario can cause a rift in the relationship, with couples compromising on sleep comfort and spending restless nights counting sheep. OppoSheets® are a new bed sheet option that solves this common problem. OppoSheets® are constructed with two fabrics: Cotton for one side of the bed, and flannel for the other side. “We developed OppoSheets® to solve a need,” says Deanne DeMarco, President of Unique Solutions, who designed OppoSheets® with her husband, Rich. “I was always cold going to bed and wanted flannel sheets, but Rich wanted cotton sheets. Now we both get to sleep under the bed sheet fabric that best suits our sleep temperature needs.”

These patented bed sheet sets provide comfort and luxury, plus the optimum temperature needed for each sleeper sharing the bed. “My half-and-half sheets, OppoSheets®, are the only ones that hit the bed these days,” says a current client. In addition to solving couples’ temperature and fabric debate, OppoSheets® also have the side benefit of providing additional sleep comfort to women going through menopause. According to a current client, “I like that OppoSheets® provide a practical solution to an age-old dilemma for all people experiencing lighter sleep patterns with body temperature changes adding to restless sleep, and that this solution is natural.” OppoSheets® are also a wonderful option for couples with one partner undergoing treatment for a serious illness or disease who needs additional warmth or comfort during sleep.

“In addition to wanting to solve a couple’s sleep temperature needs and creating a more harmonious sleeping environment, it was important to us that we use only quality fabrics and that OppoSheets® are constructed in the USA,” explains DeMarco. Currently, OppoSheets® are available in 100 percent cotton sateen fabric that is grown and woven in the United States, 100 percent cotton flannel fabric from Portugal, and a 60 percent bamboo/40 percent cotton blend fabric from China. Many fabric colors, thread counts and patterns are available, and couples can customize their bed sheets to fit their aesthetic and comfort needs. All seams on OppoSheets® are finished making them reversible and versatile.

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