New HAGA Video Exposes the Effects of GMO Foods on Children’s Health

Home and Garden America (HAGA) made an announcement today about the release of a new video on YouTube.

Incline Village, NV, May 10, 2015 --( Home and Garden America (HAGA) made an announcement today about the release of a new video on YouTube. The video, entitled "GMO Foods are Threatening Our Children's Health," speaks about the dangerous health consequences of GMO consumption, particularly towards children. It also discusses the importance of growing food at home and having an organic seed collection.

"The dominance of GMO products on the market only shows just how much influence GMO companies have over our everyday food choices. But what's extremely disturbing is how these genetically-modified products are affecting our kids. Several studies have discovered that GMOs can cause children to acquire food allergies, antibiotic-resistant diseases and other nutritional issues. Early puberty is also an alarming effect that's prevalent in this generation," a HAGA expert explained.

In adults, GMO consumption has been connected to several life-threatening illnesses like cancer, diabetes and obesity. Accelerated aging, infertility, and gastrointestinal problems are also a great cause for concern.

"If adults who regularly consume GMO foods are already vulnerable to these deadly diseases, just imagine how much damage these GMOs can do to children whose immune systems are not yet fully developed. This is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately," she continued.

For the HAGA expert, the most practical solution is to boycott genetically-modified products and opt for organic foods instead.

"Always choose foods that are truly organic and safe to eat. Buying local is a great option, but what's even better is growing your own vegetable garden. You'll want to use organic heirloom seeds for this purpose so you can have a boundless supply of healthy produce that's safe for your family. Healthy eating and healthy living will surely protect your loved ones from the harsh effects of GMOs," the HAGA expert concluded.

More information is available on Home and Garden America's website.

Chuck Harmon is an expert with extensive knowledge on heirloom gardening. He recommends starting an heirloom seed collection to help preserve unique vegetable varieties.
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