LOOK Photography Saves Time, Money and Resources with Connected Data Transporter Private Cloud Appliance Over Traditional NAS and Public Cloud Alternatives

Globally Distributed Photography Business Saves Two-to-Three Days per Photo Shoot with Transporter File Sync and Share Appliance and Eliminates Expensive Public Cloud Subscription Costs

Santa Clara, CA, May 14, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Connected Data® today announced that LOOK Photography relies on its Transporter™ for Business file sharing solution to improve business workflow and streamline file access while on the road. As a result of using Transporter, LOOK Photography and its affiliated businesses have eliminated expensive public cloud subscription costs and save as much as two-to-three days per photo shoot through improved file access and efficient handling of large photo and video files.

LOOK Photography is an assignment-based photography firm that specializes in architecture, lifestyle, stock and product photography. LOOK and its affiliated stock photography businesses generate volumes of image content that must be cost efficiently stored, shared and managed. With an image archive of over 20TB that is growing at a rate of 2 to 3TB a year, the LOOK Photography companies needed a cost efficient file sharing solution that would streamline their image retention while delivering remote access and collaboration with ease.

LOOK Photography staff frequently travels between shoot locations. While working on the go, its photographers need seamless remote access and collaboration to streamline workflow productivity and efficiency. To help solve these challenges, the photography firm initially tried using traditional NAS systems with FTP for file access. This became very cumbersome for users and required a full-time IT person to maintain. The organization also tried using a public cloud solution, but that quickly became too expensive and presented serious issues with large photo and video files.

To solve their large and growing file sharing needs while also enabling simplified access and connectivity on the road, LOOK Photography began to seek a more efficient solution. Then it discovered Connected Data’s Transporter 75 solution for business.

Now, with its Transporter solution, LOOK Photography is saving the money it used to spend on its public cloud subscriptions for each business and improving productivity every step of the way. The businesses have already consolidated close to 10TB on their Transporter 75 and workflow has improved considerably. Photo shoots used to require returning to the main studio before post-production could begin. Now, photos can be uploaded right after the shoot while the photographer is still on the road and the team can do the post-production, retouching and posting while the photographer is returning from the shoot.

“Transporter has saved us as much as two to three days per photo shoot,” said Eric Hernandez, President and Lead Photographer, LOOK Photography. “It’s also improved our client relations and our bottom line. It’s really kept us ahead of the game.”

“Transporter is changing the dynamics of file sync and share for businesses by putting the content directly in the user’s control,” said Jim Sherhart, Vice President Marketing, Connected Data. “This saves thousands of dollars annually when compared to the recurring fee model of enterprise cloud file sharing solutions and protects customers from the risks of consumer-based cloud options, all while delivering the robust file access and upload performance users want, from wherever they want to use it.”

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