Breakthrough in Greenyarn Nanotech Gel Supports with Advanced Materials

Pushing the boundaries on function and comfort

Boston, MA, May 22, 2015 --( Greenyarn, a Boston nanotech company developing advanced, eco-friendly products for consumers, is launching new eco-fabric gel supports.

"Our customers who are using the knee guards informed us about the other brands with silicon support, and when we tried using them these silicon support does feel very comfortable to wear but they feel very hot when used for sports," said Robin Low, CEO of Greenyarn. "When given a challenge, we started our research to fill the niche of a comfortable gel knee support which is suitable for everyday use and sports. After 2 years of trial and error, we are finally launching our production models."

Containing Eco-fabric, lycra and Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), these advanced 200 needle count gel supports will conform to your contours and will provide sufficient compression and support while not restricting bloodflow. TPU is resistant to oil, sweat, and does not cause abrasion and cause pilling. TPU retains structure well and the stiffness or softness can be controlled to create the right feel. With a new more wicking version of Eco-fabric, these gel supports can remain cool while providing support. They also absorb and emit far infrared energy.

Far Infrared energy is a low energy form of light that dips through the skin layer and massages the cells below, stimulating healthy metabolism and blood circulation. This helps people with arthritis and joint injuries relief and support to help them with mobility.

“We would like to thank our customers for engaging with us and giving us this challenge to redesign a better gel kneeguard and gel supports,” said Mr Hsieh, chief of R&D at Greenyarn. “Otherwise, we would never have tested and TPU in our supports and improve our weave to keep it durable while have an open mesh to improve breathability and wicking.”
Greenyarn LLC
Robin Low