Jackpot Capital Time Travelers Bounce from Medieval Times to Dinosaur Era Collecting in Casino Bonuses

London, United Kingdom, May 22, 2015 --(PR.com)-- From the 21st century, back to the medieval period, ancient times and finally the dinosaur era, Jackpot Capital Casino (http://www.jackpotcapital.eu) players are travelling through time and winning huge weekly bonuses.

Players can win up to $500 in bonuses along the way. During the Time Traveler casino bonuses event (http://promotions.jackpotcapital.eu/time), a total of $80,000 will be awarded, half of it to players at the top of the Scoreboard and half of it in random draws.

"Of course we like to reward frequent players with Scoreboard prizes," said Jackpot Capital manager Oliver Smith. "But we want occasional players to have a chance to win too, so half of the prize money is randomly awarded as well."

Jackpot Capital Casino players earn points when they play and wager. They're ranked on a Scoreboard and every week until June 15th the top 200 players will receive bonuses up to $500 each. As they accumulate points they move up through four stations. Every week, randomly drawn players at each level receive Station Prizes from $100 - $500.

"You get your bonus on Monday which is great timing," said one regular player. "The 'Fourth-Dimension Friday Bonus' really helps me move up the Scoreboard over the weekend so I get a bigger bonus on Monday! "

Since only some players make it to the top level, odds of winning are better for those that do.

Jackpot Capital Casino, which welcomes players from all over the world, has hundreds of games from Realtime Gaming. Its mobile casino for smartphones and tablets has dozens of mobile slot games including the new Lucha Libre, as well as Blackjack and Keno.

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