Quantum3D Independence IG Solutions Placed Into Service at Recently Opened Boeing F-15E Mission Training Centers

Quantum3D COTS Independence IDX 2000TI ER IG Solutions Provide Open-Architecture, High-Fidelity, Multi-Channel Out-the-Window and Simulated Sensor Realtime Visual Computing Solution for F-15E Pilot and Weapon Systems Officers at Boeing Mission Training Centers

SanJose, CA, November 28, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Quantum3D®, Inc., a leading provider of Commercial, Off-the-Shelf (COTS), open-architecture, realtime visual computing solutions, announced today at I/ITSEC 2007 that Quantum3D Independence® IDX 2000TI ER Image Generator Solutions, a key component of the Boeing-developed high-fidelity, dual-cockpit F-15E simulators deployed at the F-15E MTCs have recently been placed into training service, concurrent with the opening of the first Boeing F-15E MTC at the U.S. Air Force 366th Fighter Wing at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho. The Boeing operated F-15E MTCs will provide F-15E aircrews with high-fidelity, simulator-based training without the material and personnel costs associated with training on operational aircraft.

The Boeing F-15E simulators feature 360-degree horizontal field-of-view visual systems for both Pilot and Weapon Systems Officer with head-tracked area-of-interest displays for enhanced visual acuity, simulated night vision capabilities, robust synthetic environments as well as instructor/operator and brief/debrief stations. The simulators may be operated individually or linked to provide two- or four-ship training within the MTC. The simulators also can be linked locally with two medium-fidelity F-15E Manned Combat Stations to allow local four-ship training. After a few months of operation, the MTC will join the Air Force's Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) training network, which will enable network-centric training for F-15E air crews with other DMO-capable systems at other facilities located hundreds or even thousands of miles away. For more information on the Boeing F-15E MTC program, please visit http://www.boeing.com/news/releases/2007/q4/071029a_nr.html.

The multi-million dollar contract with Quantum3D is for the delivery of multi-channel Independence IDX 2000TI ER IGs. The IDX 2000TI ER IGs are being deployed at Boeing F15-E MTCs located at USAF Mountain Home AFB, Seymour Johnson AFB and the Royal Air Force (RAF) Base in Lakenheath, England (UK). The F-15E MTC selection of Independence IGs follows Boeing's prior selection of Quantum3D IGs for numerous flight and weapons system training programs including the T-38 ATD and F-15 Contracted Training Systems & Services (CTSS).

The Independence IDX 2000TI ER IG systems are used to drive both Out-the-Window (OTW) displays and simulated Night Vision Goggles (NVG) for the F-15E simulators. For the OTW displays, the F-15E simulators employ Boeing’s Visual Integrated Display System (VIDS) which provides 360-degree, high-resolution, high-contrast visuals with head-tracked area-of-interest for optimized visual acuity that provides substantially enhanced ability to train and maintain critical aircrew flying and weapons systems skills in single or multi-ship environments. The F-15E NVG displays are driven by Independence Sensor Simulation Channels equipped with Quantum3D Enhanced Sensor Simulation Technology (QUEST™) that provides high-fidelity, physics-based sensor simulation capabilities that features dynamic, realtime physics-based IR and NVG sensor simulation with MODTRAN4 atmospherics based on Quantum3D’s realtime implementation of JRM Technologies™ SigSim™. Other capabilities of the IDX 2000TI ER system that are important in its application to the F-15E MTC simulator architecture include its support for precision multi-channel synchronization and load management across multiple IG cabinets for high channel count applications, industry-leading image quality and extended visibility ranges for target recognition and support for realtime paging of wide-area, high-resolution, geospecific synthetic environments without scene transition artifacts—all while sustaining 60 Hz performance on highly complex scenes. Independence’s open architecture support for third-party high-resolution, geospecific databases developed using COTS tools and key standards including the Common Image Generator Interface (CIGI) were also important aspects of the system’s application to the F-15E MTC program.

“The simulation and training industry continues to demand greater levels of fidelity in synthetic environments,” said Ross Q. Smith, Quantum3D Co-Founder and President. “Nowhere is that more critical than in MTC programs including the F-15E MTC, which is truly pushing the envelope in terms of fidelity and performance of flight and weapons system training requirements. We are extremely pleased to continue to be a key supplier of IG technology to Boeing and will continue to advance our technology to meet the USAF MTC program and our other important customers’ evolving needs.”

Quantum3D Independence Family at I/ITSEC 2007
Independence IG Solutions and other Quantum3D realtime visual computing solutions for Institutional Visual and Sensor Simulation and Training (VSST) and Embedded Training (ET) applications will be demonstrated by Quantum3D in booth 1501 and select partner booths at the 2007 Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) held 26-29NOV07 in the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando Florida. For an appointment, please email salesinfo@quantum3d.com or call +1 (408) 361-9999 x 2.

About Quantum3D
Quantum3D is an industry-leading small business supplier of COTS, open-architecture, realtime visual computing software and hardware products for the Embedded Visual Computing (EVC), Deployable High Performance Computing (DHPC), Visual and Sensor Simulation and Training (VSST) and Embedded Training (ET) markets. Quantum3D’s products include advanced IG solutions, realtime scene management development and deployment software and synthetic environment content, FAA DO-178B Level A certifiable visual computing application development and deployment software, and tactical, embedded and industrial visual computing systems and subsystems for C2/C4ISR, machine vision, sensor processing, unmanned vehicle operator control and embedded training applications. Quantum3D is a privately held company headquartered in San Jose, California. For more information on Quantum3D, please visit www.quantum3d.com.

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