Carol Sankar Presents Women & Confidence at TEDx

The Confidence Factor for Women in Leadership creates a SPARK at TEDx.

New York, NY, May 25, 2015 --( International business advisor and real estate expert, Carol Sankar, presents her new signature discussion based on her new research, The Confidence for Women in Leadership at TEDx.

The presentation is based on 4 years of in-house research by Mrs. Sankar and her team to define the role that mindset plays on why women create barriers toward shattering the glass ceiling mindset in leadership & business. Women make up less than 10% of all businesses that generate over $1.5MM in sales/revenue. Carol's Confidence Factor presentation seeks to close the gap that creates limited growth for women, which is based around confidence. The confidence to sit at the table, negotiate and close the deal is a major part of her research.

"I am excited that I had a moment to give a TED Talk about the Confidence Factor. I am committed to changing the way women show up in high level positions and implement profitable processes to raise revenue and attract capital," says Sankar. "This presentation is designed to spark the conversation that high level leaders need to have about the absence to women, and I am honored to be a part of it"

To watch Carol's TED Talk on The Confidence Factor for Women, visit Mrs. Sankar is also available to present the Confidence Factor to corporatations to increase the conversation on diversity and inclusion for women in sales and leadership.

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Lynda DiPaulo