New Company SHROGS Starts Its Operations on Amazon in the US in Time for BBQ Season

SHROGS is a brand new company that started selling their first product, silicone oven gloves in the USA. The company has been working hard to be ready in time for the summer months and the anticipated stampede for BBQ equipment.

Imperial Beach, DE, May 26, 2015 --( There are many different types of heat resistant BBQ gloves that are available but the company wanted to focus on silicone gloves in particular because they offer so many benefits that the other types of gloves and mitts do not offer.

Apart from their initial product launch of their gloves made from food grade silicone, this is only the start. Mark Keane, the public relations manager wanted to point out, "There are many more exciting products that we are looking into to develop, not only in the oven gloves and mitts department but many other niches too. Food grade silicone is an amazing product and we want to take advantage of it." He went on to say that food grade silicone can be used safely in temperatures that range from minus 40 to plus 230 celcius or minus 40 to plus 450 fahrenheit.

Although many outlets will eventually sell SHROGS products in the future, Keane said Amazon was chosen as the first and foremost outlet for their online operations, simply because for customers, it has a superb reputation with fast delivery, and for SHROGS themselves, it offers access to huge numbers of customers to advertise their products.

Mark Keane, is a stickler for high customer satisfaction. He stated "We are only a small company right now but we don't want it to stay that way. One of the ways that we will try to grow is to get a good name for ourselves by giving a great customer service and guarantee."

The name SHROGS, is an abbreviation of silicone heat resistant oven gloves. Mark Keane said of the name, "We wanted to keep the name short and catchy so that it would be easily remembered." He went on to say that it would be great if people preparing for a BBQ would be saying "Pass us the SHROGS."

SHROGS provides eco friendly, BPA free, food grade silicone BBQ gloves on Amazon in the USA.
Mark Keane