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Romantic Bed and Breakfast Getaways from Thrill Planet Enhance Valentine’s Day Romance

This year, Thrill Planet is offering Romantic Bed and Breakfast Getaways to enhance Valentine’s Day Romance for sweethearts everywhere.

Smyrna, GA, February 01, 2006 --( This Valentine’s Day, Thrill Planet, the nation’s foremost provider of exciting adventures, is offering special adventures to sweethearts across the nation: Romantic Bed and Breakfast Getaways. 

In this laser-fast world in which we live, Thrill Planet is acutely aware that people need to get away from it all from time to time. And this is especially true for sweethearts seeking to spend special time with each other! That is the reason Thrill Planet began offering its enchanting Valentine’s Day Bed and Breakfast Getaways. 

Arranging charming bed and breakfast getaways is nothing new to Thrill Planet. In fact, over the past few years, Thrill Planet has arranged Bed and Breakfast experiences for thousands of happy, satisfied couples. 

And, if you like, Thrill Planet will go the extra mile, weaving unique experiences into you and your sweetheart’s weekend. For instance, Thrill Planet can arrange for you to enjoy a serene, romantic Hot Air Balloon Ride high above the awe-inspiring patchwork earth. 

Valentine’s Day is the time of year that couples everywhere leave the world behind in order to focus on each other, on beauty, and on romance. Imagine a wondrous day, swinging on a wrap-around porch and strolling the manicured grounds of a lovely Bed and Breakfast. Envision you and that special someone enjoying an enchanting, candlelight dinner in the B&B’s distinguished dining room, then retiring to a plush sofa in the living room, perhaps, sipping champagne or a chilled chardonnay. And, later, soaking in a relaxing bath in an exquisite, brass-kissed bathroom that appears to have been lifted from a picture taken in graceful years gone by. And, how about a glowing fire in your bedroom fireplace, the dancing flames keeping time with the beat of romance wafting through the air. 

This Valentine’s Day, imagine a Thrill Planet Bed and Breakfast Getaway. 

And imagine romance. 

Because, if you can dream it – you can live it! 

So, like thousands of others, trust Thrill Planet to arrange the most special, memorable, romantic Valentine’s Day of your life! 

To arrange for your romantic Bed and Breakfast Getaway and to purchase Gift Certificates for the special people in your life, call Thrill Planet at 1-800-759-7433 today! 

To learn more about Thrill Planet’s luxurious Bed and Breakfast offerings, please call 1-800-759-7433 or visit

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