EdTrIn Helps Disengaged and Disadvantaged Young People

EdTrIn and Bounce Consulting have agreed to help disengaged and disadvantaged young people.

Melbourne, Australia, May 31, 2015 --(PR.com)-- EdTrIn Group Ltd (“EDTRIN”) are pleased to announce to the market an agreement with Bounce Consulting Pty Ltd (“BOUNCE”). The EdTrIn deal with BOUNCE will see BOUNCE offering initial and ongoing student engagement expertise in relation to disengaged and disadvantaged young people.

EdTrIn and BOUNCE will collaborate and develop EdTrIn processes that effectively utilise BOUNCE’s training and consulting experience in this youth market segment.

BOUNCE will provide the initial identification of a young disadvantaged person’s training and learning needs and aspirations, while EdTrIn, working with its partner Registered Training Organisations, (RTO’s) in Australia, will help identify funded training and skills development opportunities to offer the most appropriate education to individuals in this market.

BOUNCE will also begin to train EdTrIn personnel to skilfully work with the youth market and provide effective student engagement and relationship management strategies. This aspect of the agreement will help scale the model while representing a key component of EdTrIn’s vision to manage the ongoing learning needs of any person for life.

Maria Smith, Founder and CEO of Bounce stated, “We are very impressed with EdTrIn’s focus on young and disadvantaged people and their fantastic, highly innovative ideas in the youth space. In our experience, many of our candidates are often highly capable, but lack belief, encouragement and appropriate resources that if provided, can help them unlock their own great potential and then thrive.

“Working in lock step with EdTrIn we hope to provide new pathways and brighter futures to many who’ve never had that chance before.”

Chief Education Officer of EdTrIn Global, Damian O’Sullivan, said: “BOUNCE and EdTrIn immediately connected. We saw a great partner to assist us in the expression of our aspirations to democratise education and give access to genuinely valuable training and knowledge to all sectors of society, not just those lucky enough to have immediate resources and support.”

The agreement between EdTrIn and BOUNCE also outlines an intent by both parties to grow alliances in the disadvantaged youth demographic and to leverage any appropriate additional opportunities as they arise.

The EdTrIn agreement with Bounce also follows the acquisition of innovative Victorian Communications Technology companies, ProjectProject Pty Ltd, and learning management software developer, Finpa Australia Pty Ltd, as part of a strategy to develop Intellectual Property educational technology, educational and training content, communications and marketing strategies in house. The company’s establishment of operational headquarters in Melbourne places EdTrIn in the educational epicentre of the region, giving it premium entry to target markets in New Zealand and Asia including China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar.

About EdTrIn
EdTrIn, whose name derives from the convergence of Education, Training and Innovation, is developing an integrated physical / digital education ecosystem designed to assist lifelong personal advancement for individuals through timely, personally relevant educational resources and ongoing career management. Its solution has been designed to provide solutions for students, businesses and governments. The company is developing and delivering more effective training and learning outcomes through smart technology and a better understanding of industry knowledge needs and capability gaps. The process is to continuously refine and innovate educational resources and delivery mechanisms that have business and consumer relevance in today’s rapidly evolving commercial and social landscape.

EdTrIn is run by a management team comprising senior former UNESCO executives, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and experienced education professionals who, between them, have built six online universities and have over 90 years’ experience in delivering disruptive change in the industry.

BOUNCE is based in Maryborough in regional Victoria, Australia. BOUNCE provides training in life skills and foundational skills to assist the disengaged, under-employed and under-educated, giving clarity and direction to achieve career goals. BOUNCE has been successful in Australia and now the US for over nine years, particularly with the disengaged populations both in the US and Australia. Maria Smith the CEO and Founder of BOUNCE started the company with the desire of empowering people to take action and take positive control of their lives. Maria has developed workforce preparation programs that tap into the fundamental desire that we all have – to live, thrive and achieve. BOUNCE programs aim to give participants confidence, motivation, clarity, communication skills, and career goals. The success of the program can be attributed to the engagement and education of participants around tools, tips and career building activities to achieve desired employment outcomes.

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