Fort Worth Pallets Company Now Ships Nationwide

Finding recycled pallets and reclaimed wood materials for decor and construction is made easier with an option for shipping within Continental USA when ordering from home or a smartphone.

Fort Worth, TX, May 30, 2015 --( Acquiring LTL shipping quotes online or by phone can be extremely frustrating and time-consuming as it requires comparing hundreds of freight companies and in-depth knowledge of freight categories and cargo. After numerous requests for reclaimed pallet lumber from many parts of the country, a local Fort Worth pallets recycling company now offers nationwide shipping within 50 states on their products such as reclaimed pallet timber, resaw hardwood, custom-built pallets, and standard size skids.

Recycled pallet wood is a unique material that can be very cumbersome to obtain for large-scale designer jobs. With much patience and dedication, those frugal people who want to decorate 100-200 square foot space with used pallet planks might be able to reclaim with hand electric tools up to 50 pallets themselves. But for TV props and contractor businesses that need thousands of deck boards, Fort Worth Pallets Company has become a popular online source of bulk reclaimed pallet lumber.

"It takes industrial machinery to dismantle hundreds of pallets in a reasonable amount of time,” Fort Worth Pallets operations manager writes in his blog, "and by prepaying the orders and shipping, our customers have that guarantee that they will get their material as agreed.” Having worked with the most experienced freight brokers for years, Fort Worth Pallets promises to provide a quote for a shipping rate within 15 minutes of request (more details about quoting process are described on the company’s website). Using top grade recycled wood for custom built shipping pallets can save a business up to 75% of purchasing cost without compromising quality and rating of the pallet. Shipping charges may slightly decrease such savings thus still resulting in a cost effective option for a purchasing department.

Summer school break is approaching and this year families can spend summer time in a fun and productive way. Building a deck or a playhouse with wood pallets in the back yard, creating pallet patio furniture and painting it fun colors, decorating a tool shed or a barn with reclaimed pallet lumber can become some of the most memorable activities for kids of all ages. The Internet is full of amazing décor with shipping pallets ideas, and Fort Worth Pallets Company now provides a more convenient way to get them.
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