Metal Cutting Corporation Utilizes Zygo NewView™ 7100 Interferometer to Quantity Surface Finishes

Metal Cutting Corporation utilizes the Zygo NewView™ 7100 3D Optical Surface Profiler to precisely characterize and quantify surface finishes to meet stringent specifications.

Cedar Grove, NJ, June 04, 2015 --( Metal Cutting Corporation produces precision parts that meet rigorous specifications, with the ability to cut, grind, lap, and polish surface finishes in the range of 0.010 micrometers Ra. Throughout its 48-year history, the company has been using sophisticated testing equipment to quantify and confirm that parts meet customers’ critical surface finish requirements.

The latest tool in the Metal Cutting Corporation arsenal is the Zygo NewView™ 7100 3D Optical Surface Profiler. The NewView 7100 is a powerful, non-contact white light laser interferometer that enables Metal Cutting Corporation to precisely characterize and quantify surface roughness, step heights, critical dimensions, and other topographical features.

Metal Cutting Corporation chose the NewView 7100 because of its high accuracy and its ability to support a wide variety of applications in 3D optical profiling. The 7100 uses Zygo Corporation’s patented Coherence Scanning Interferometry (CSI) technology to measure a wide range of surfaces, including smooth, rough, flat, sloped, and stepped surfaces, at magnifications ranging from 1X to 100X.

With the NewView 7100, all measurements are nondestructive, fast, and require no sample preparation. Profile heights range from less than 1 nm up to 20,000 µm, at high speeds, independent of surface texture, magnification, or feature height. Other key features include a vertical scan range of 150 μm (5906 μin); an extended scan range to 20 mm (0.79”); vertical resolution greater than 0.1 nm (0.004 μin); optical resolution 0.36 to 9.5 μm (14.2 to 374 μin); and step height accuracy of 0.75% or better.

With the Zygo NewView 7100 and its ability to identify surface finishes in the nanometer range, Metal Cutting Corporation's capabilities are taken to new heights in small scale precision.
Metal Cutting Corporation
Evan Elizabeth Harder