Reindeer Migration with Siberia’s Nenets Nomads: New 2016 Expedition Launched

London, United Kingdom, June 05, 2015 --( Expedition company Secret Compass this week launches a new adventure: a rare opportunity to join Siberia’s nomadic Nenets herders as they migrate their reindeer across a frozen gulf in the Arctic Circle in March 2016.

Tom Bodkin, director of Secret Compass, said, “In remote regions like the Gulf of Ob, the Nenets have to fight for survival and to retain their traditional livelihoods.

“Each spring they await a perfect weather window then set out on an epic 60km, 24-hour migration to get their valuable herds across the frozen Gulf of Ob, seeking pastures new before their animals perish in such extremes of temperature. We’re privileged to be joining their 2016 migration.”

“Our expedition team will leave its hi-tech gear behind to wear traditional Nenets clothing, eating as the herders eat and living as part of a close-knit Nenets community. Beginning in the Arctic town of Salekhard, this adventure will culminate at the huge annual Reindeer Festival celebration.”

Nenets reindeer expedition highlights
• Join an epic race for survival in an extreme and remote environment
• Experience the Nenets’ unique way of life
• Wear traditional herders’ suits and boots
• Experience the annual Reindeer Herding Festival
• Travel by sledge, snowmobile and all-terrain vehicle
• Look out for unusual arctic flora and fauna

Minimalist expeditions
Bodkin, who set up Secret Compass with army colleague Levison Wood, continued, “Our Nenets expedition is minimalist in style to help team members truly immerse in their environments. This style of expedition is very appealing to us as it’s easier for our teams to assimilate into local life; it removes the ‘them and us’ feel.

“Little kit is permitted other than that used by the local communities and we’ll survive on meat and supplies from within the herd, rather than bringing in hi-tech ration packs.”

Exploration in hard-to-reach destinations
Kerry O’Neill, marketing director with Secret Compass, said, “Experienced travellers join our pioneering adventures to explore places that can seem daunting when going it alone.

“There is much opportunity out there for anyone to achieve the extraordinary in the world’s wildest places – and that’s what our expeditions offer. They’re not easy and they’re not guided tours: they’re tough, they’re satisfying and they’re what experienced adventure travellers want.”

“This Nenets expedition is a true race for the herd’s survival – every team member will be integral in helping to migrate the reindeer successfully across the vast, frozen Gulf of Ob. Applications are now open from any active and healthy individuals willing to take on this unusual and epic challenge.”

For further press information on Secret Compass’s expedition destinations for 2015 and 2016, contact marketing director Kerry O’Neill.

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