HAGA’s New YouTube Video Reveals Top 3 Storage Tips for Heritage Seeds

Home and Garden America has just released a new video on its official YouTube channel.

Incline Village, NV, June 06, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Home and Garden America has just released a new video on its official YouTube channel. The short clip talks about the most effective ways to store heritage seeds for long-term use.

Heritage seeds, more popularly known as heirloom seeds, have been around for ages. They are one of the earliest and most natural seed types. They came from organically-grown crops and were carefully handed down from generation to generation in order to uphold the purity of the seeds.

During those days, all grown foods were still organic. Genetically-engineered foods didn't exist yet, and people were able to enjoy healthier fruits and vegetables. But when GMO companies entered the picture and started selling modified foods, heritage seeds were under the threat of extinction. Preserving the seeds became more crucial than ever, and concerned home gardeners began using heirlooms again to protect the world's organic seed supply.

This collective movement inspired a renewed interest in traditional organic gardening. Because of this, more households are now growing their own heirloom crops and embracing the sustainable lifestyle. Many have also started storing heirloom seeds to help with seed preservation.

Home and Garden America strongly supports this effort, and its latest YouTube video suggests three ways to properly store heirlooms:

First of all, put the seeds in a zipper bag and keep them in an airtight glass container.

Secondly, Make sure the jar is kept away from heat and moisture to avoid damaging the seeds. Also consider placing some silica gels inside the jar to help absorb extra humidity and moisture.

Lastly, look for a dark and cold area for storage. The freezer is an ideal location especially if the seeds are intended for future use.

Observing these methods will help the heritage seeds maintain their viability and last for several years. The succeeding generations will then be able to grow the seeds themselves and continue the tradition of heritage seed saving.

Home and Garden America's YouTube channel has more information on this topic.

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