Smart Business Broker Inc. Introduces the First Ever Zero Fee EB-5 Visa Option

Smart Business Broker helps EB-5 visa investors get their EB-5 visas in a safe manner by investing in Genuine Direct Investment Businesses.

Orlando, FL, June 13, 2015 --( With, EB-5 visa investors do not have to pay a penny over the USD 500,000 investment required by the USCIS and USCIS filing fees. manages the business till the EB-5 visa investor gets approval of their I-829 and offers EB-5 visa investors a right to audit the accounts every year as well as a guarantee of freedom from conflict of interest.

EB-5 visa investors don't have to pay junk fees such as administrative fees etc. charged by regional centers or risky franchise brands.

So, how is making money?

EB-5 visa investors who use have a right to a 4% annual ROE from annual operating profits (if any), and any remaining profits will go to, and this agreement remains in effect till the EB-5 visa investor gets their permanent green card (I-829 petition) approval. also takes 50% of any increase in business value, and let their EB-5 visa investor clients keep 50% of the increase in business value. Regional centers usually don't offer such deals, where not only do EB-5 visa investors get the first share of any profits but also get a share in any capital gains, and do not have to pay any junk fees such as administrative fees. even pays for their EB-5 visa investor client's lawyer fees up front and simply recoups that from their share of profits from the business.

If can't help their clients earn even 4% annual ROE, they won't earn any money as makes money only if their clients gets a 4% ROE from operating profits first.

This is cheapest and safest way to get EB-5 visas.

Why should EB-5 visa investors choose Genuine Direct Investment Businesses?

ICE says that Regional centers usually commit fraud, conflict of interest and violate securities laws (see and said "there can be no safeguards that can be put in place that will ensure the integrity of the regional center model." It is possible that regional centers may not exist in the EB-5 visa program after September 2015.

EB-5 visa investors need to remember that it is very hard to earn money and easy to burn money.

A Genuine Direct Investment Business is the safest, fastest and usually profitable way to get an EB-5 visa.

A Genuine Direct Investment Business has the following characteristics:

It is 100% owned by the EB-5 visa investor, whether it is managed by or the investor. guides their EB-5 visa investor clients to invest in solid businesses such as reputable franchises, restaurants, banquet halls, used car lots, groceries, child care, etc. and not in risky franchises. A franchise is suitable for investment only if it is on a major bank's list of approved franchises and features in a list of top performing franchises. Most franchises are unsuitable for EB-5 visa investors due to their inability to profitably create 10 jobs, due to which capital losses are common with risky franchises and regional centers.

Genuine Direct Investment Businesses are easily salable in the open market, while there is no market for partnership or regional center securities, risky franchises etc.

What are the advantages of choosing a Genuine Direct Investment Business to get the EB-5 visa?

The EB-5 visa investor has full ownership of their business and this helps eliminate conflict of interest and fraud, and results in higher earnings and capital gains.

The EB-5 visa investor usually earns more in annual profits than they'd get from a regional center in 5 years.

EB-5 visa investors who choose Genuine Direct Investment Businesses usually earns solid capital gains upon exit, while those who invest in risky franchises or regional centers usually experience capital loss.

The EB-5 visa investor has an easy exit strategy and can sell their business (usually for a profit) as soon as they get their permanent green card.

It is easier and faster to get the I-526 approval (temporary green card) and I-829 approval using a Genuine Direct Investment Business in comparison to regional centers.

Less than 50% of EB-5 visa investors who chose regional centers and risky franchises are able to get their I-829 approved.

Extensive conflict of interest and fraud is usually found in regional centers and risky franchises but not in Genuine Direct Investment Businesses. An excellent example is how Joe Sloboda and Fred Burgess marketed franchises to EB-5 visa investors without disclosing the fact that they were the master franchisors and would receive money on the back end.

EB-5 visa investors should avoid those who refuse to guarantee full disclosure of all material information and freedom from fraud and conflict of interest.

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