See the Expo and Then Naples. California Tour Operators Traveling to Napoli for NapolixExpo 2015

Furthering the effort that began with Unite the Two Bays, and continues with NapolixExpo2015, to establish ongoing economic and cultural exchanges between California, and Napoli and the Campania Region, Campania Felix LLC, Associazione Skillpoint, and the CaliforniaItalian Chamber of Commerce of Sacramento are collaborating to bring California Tour Operators to Napoli following a visit to Expo 2015 in Milan.

San Francisco, CA, June 17, 2015 --( Meant to provide an occasion to California Tour Operators to explore Italy after visiting the Expo, and to create opportunities to establish business relations with Italian operators of the same sector, the mission seeks to showcase Napoli, its beauties, and the events that city has organized for visitors intending to see more of Italy following their visit to Expo 2015.

“We hope that visiting Napoli during the months of NapolixExpo 2015, and meeting with Neapolitan tour operators, participants to the mission will have a chance to know this splendid city first hand, and to learn more about its illustrious history, the natural and archeological jewels it treasures, and above all to feel the warmth, and the embrace of a of city and a people that are renowned for their joyful disposition toward life, their friendliness toward visitors, their colorful and tasteful cuisine, and their passionate and complex culture,” declares Luciano Serafini, president of Associazione Skillpoint. “Hopefully we will demonstrate that doing business with Napoli not only is possible, but it is rewarding, fun, and enriching.”

Currently scheduled for late September/early October of 2015, the visit will include also a stop in Lucca to meet with representatives of the Fondazione Banca Monte di Lucca--which recently organized a mission to San Francisco to promote Lucca’s talents to Bay Area’s economic and cultural executives--and representatives of the local travel industry.

“There are many parallelisms between the scopes of NapolixExpo 2015, and the aims of the Fondazione Banca Monte di Lucca, it seemed only natural to connect the two efforts,” declares Rino Bertini, President of the California Italia Chamber of Commerce of Sacramento. “We expect that this mission will generate many synergies between the participants and corresponding businesses in Napoli and in Lucca as well as public and private institutions here in California and in Italy.”

The initiative, backed by Central Holidays Tour, a US-based tour operator specializing in travel throughout Europe and the Mediterranean since 1972, has already attracted the interest of about 20 Northern California-based tour agencies, including Frosh Travel, Fugazi Travel, Gateway to the World, Dimension in Travel, and Figone Travel. In addition San Francisco Travel - the organization managing the city’s convention and visitor bureau - is providing assistance with media and social networks outreach, as well as industry contacts.

“Initiatives such as Unite the Two Bays, and NapolixExpo 2015 are to be welcomed, they are useful to San Francisco and to the cities involved,” says Joe D’Alessandro, CEO of San Francisco Travel. “Our agency is happy to help distributing information to our network of contacts and to provide contacts for tour operators in our territory.”

To obtain additional information and for media inquiries, please contact:

Paolo Pontoniere

Rino Bertini
Campania Felix
Paolo Pontoniere